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Dealing With Difficult Customers- Avoid Red Flag Words [Management Tip]

September 4, 2020

When dealing with upset, angry, or difficult customers it can be very easy to become upset and angry ourselves. As the professional in the situation it is our job to remain calm and assist the customer. In doing so we need to make sure we are not further upsetting our client. In my experience there are some key […]

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Management Tip: What Are Today’s Employees Looking For?

May 1, 2020

What are the expectations of today’s employees? They are looking for a boss who is approachable, honest, trustworthy, personable, and has a positive attitude. They also want someone who is organized, knows how to lead and direct a team, and is contributing. Remember- a leader’s job is not to do the job, but to create the environment […]

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Protect Your Email and Avoiding Phishing Scams

October 22, 2019

Protect Your Email and Avoiding Phishing Scams “I don’t know this person, and I can’t identify this person.” Common sense dictates to ignore them or scrutinize this unidentified entity. However, Cyber Criminals still communicate personalized attacked through e-mail. Over 150 billion e-mails were sent in 2018, thus making e-mail one of the most effective ways […]

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How Far Away Are We From Self-driving Cars?

October 8, 2019

How far away are we from self-driving cars? So how close is humankind away from self-driving automotive vehicles? Innovators may be off for a few more decades, but this will break all over the news. The media loves to blow things up, metaphorically, because that’s what it does best. Boston Dynamics Self-driving cars meet your […]

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How to Avoid Social Engineering Scams

October 1, 2019

How to Avoid Social Engineering Scams One of the worlds worst optimistic views is the common belief that they can not be a victim of hacking, scams, etcetera. At this point, the existence of hackers and scammers is the worlds worst kept secret. Some of the victims are those that do not understand value of […]

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The Alphabet Soup (and how you can benefit)

March 14, 2016

Today’s Automotive & Heavy Duty Aftermarkets are just slap full of organizations that are known only by the acronyms:  AWDA, AASA, ASA, MEMA, YANG, ACC are just a sampling of the groups that exist.  Who they are and what they do is very often overlooked by most of us in the Automotive Aftermarket….and if you’re […]

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Warranties – It is your money that you’re holding hostage

Warranties – It is your money that you’re holding hostage   Start the Conversations This is a conversation more than a monologue, what I mean by that is you should be having conversations with team members, co-workers, employees and factory reps (do they exist anymore?) on this topic quarterly. Warranties….the ignored issue for many at […]

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Get it Out the Door!

March 4, 2016

Get it Out the Door!   It’s coming….Friday is coming!   Friday brings a slight drop in the work load, anticipation of a weekend with time all to yourself (unless you own the place) and time to relax! But to get through Friday, one thing has to happen, you have to get it out the door. […]

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History of a Lost Account

March 26, 2015

History of a Lost Account If you look around at your competition you can pick up valuable insights as to how and why you might lose a valued account.  In Connecticut, there was a smaller operation that competed against our firm. We were larger and a more efficient company, had the inventory and a professional […]

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Collision Shop Diplomacy

Collision Shop Diplomacy Recently I was reviewing an article in AutoInc, involving a “picky customer” case history at a collision repair facility.  The question was what would you do if you had a customer you simply could not satisfy?  No matter what you offered to do or had done to achieve a near perfect repair, […]

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Management Tips from Automotive Management Network

All new quick management tips on being prepared, customer service and etiquette.  Check out the latest Auto Shop Monthly Management Tips from the Automotive Management Network to get inside secrets on managing your shop and increasing your bottom line. Tip#193 – Odds are your Service Stinks How good is your customer service? Our standards in […]

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WRAP – Fleet Diagnostics 101

March 23, 2015

We Replaced All The Parts Every fleet mechanic’s job has tasks that are fairly repetitive and you learn them so well, you can almost accomplish them blindfolded. In today’s fleets, PM services, brakes and tire replacement are done routinely to the point where the techs have an established pattern to the job. So what happens […]

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Online Sale of Auto-parts: Breaking Records and Barriers

What is up with the automotive aftermarket industry?   It cannot be denied that people in the automotive aftermarket industry who have shifted their focus to online parts sales have been celebrating their triumph in business for a series of consecutive years now. The shift of today’s technological advances has seen changes in the preferences […]

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Management Tips from the Automotive Management Network

March 12, 2015

Written by Tom Ham, these are the latest Shop Management Tips from the Automotive Management Network! Tip #187 – Slow down! Take a little extra time with every customer both in person and on the phone. During that time, give them your undivided attention. There is no looking elsewhere. There is no one else to talk to. […]

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7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Team on Track

December 11, 2014

Nothing is better than knowing you have a productive team of employees that is dependable and motivated. We are all looking for ways to keep our teams excited and productive. Here’s a list of 7 simple ways to keep your team on track! IMAGE by Andy Welsher   1. Set Clear Goals Let your employees […]

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Three Management Mistakes That Can Cost You A Fortune

September 24, 2014

Mistake #1. Have your technicians compete against one another. We all can agree that competition among employees is good, but there is a right way, and there’s a wrong way. The wrong way is to tell your techs that you’re going to post the hours they each flag, and at the end of the pay […]

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