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What’s Wrong with Non-OEM CATs?

August 8, 2019

What’s Wrong with Non-OEM CATs? The Stoichiometric graph lists the poisonous gases in details. In this case, why did they come up with 14.71 air-fuel ratios as the store geometric level? This is due to a happy medium between HC (Hydrocarbon), CO (Carbon monoxide), and NOx (Nitrogen oxides).  When talking about the catalytic converter, we […]

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Diagnostic Procedure with ICE and GDI

August 7, 2019

Diagnostic Procedure with ICE and GDI By John Forro The internal combustion engine has never had a clean design. This is why technology is moving away from ICE as fast as possible. Starting with hybrids, converting to electric vehicles. This will never be a 100% efficient power plant because every one of those piston rings, regardless of condition, […]

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Precautions 101

January 29, 2019

In this tech tip we cover the vehicle battery voltage during Re-flashing and why it is important to not let the voltage go below 11.5 Volts or above 16.0 Volts. We also cover the importance of having an alternate power source such as a battery sustainer VS a battery charger.

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Major Considerations of Re-flashing

In this tech tip we cover the major considerations of Re-flashing. Are you serious about starting to Re-flash modules and do you have the right tools, service information as well as experience to get started?

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GM Do’s and Don’ts

June 26, 2018

Running Compression Test

GM Checking Continuity

May 26, 2018

IQA codes Review: Powerstroke 6.7L

May 18, 2018

In this tech tip from the AVI program “LBT-318 – Power Up Your Powerstroke Skills : 6.7”, instructor Tony Salas reminds you of the importance of checking IQA (Injector Quality Adjustment) codes. As Tony points out, making sure that replacement injectors, whether new or rebuilt, are programmed properly is critical.

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Parasitic Current Draw

April 6, 2018

In this tech tip from LBT-270 “Parasitic Current Draw”, instructor Dave Hobbs shows a quick and easy way to do a parasitic current draw test and the usefulness of a battery disconnect for long periods of vehicle storage. Join our mailing list! This Weekend Only Get This Course 50% Off

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Tech Tip: Lean Density vs Ignition Misfire

March 12, 2018

In this tech tip from AVI course Labscope Diagnostics Version 3.0, AVI instructor Bill Fulton explains how to determine whether a P0300 code is caused by an ignition or lean density misfire by looking at the fuel trim values with your scan tool. Join our mailing list!

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Static Fuel Pressure Test

March 8, 2018

In this tech tip from AVI course LS-57 What You Need To Know About Rich P-Code Conditions, AVI instructor Ron Bilyeu points out how a diagnostic path using information services and TSB’s can make short work of rich condition P-codes such as a highlighted PO172 code.   Join our mailing list!

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Tech Tip: Ford 6.0 Power Stroke – EGR Carbon Issues

March 27, 2017

Carbon build-up in EGR Valves can always be an issue, especially in diesel engines. Instructor Tony Salas tells you what to look for in this Tech Tip from LBT-165 6.0L Powerstroke Enhanced Diagnostics. Join our mailing list!

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The Hard Knocks of using Knock-Off Parts

March 26, 2017

Sometimes, parts customers searching for improved engine performance don’t know which cleaner to use and/or how to use it properly. This tip will help you with some great customer advice regarding cleaning agents. Join our mailing list!

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Tech Tip: TPMS Liabilities

March 25, 2017

Just what is your shop’s liability regarding the TPMS service light? In this tech tip from LBT-277: Making Money Servicing TPMS, instructor Karl Schneider reminds techs and shop owners the legal requirements when it come to TPMS service repairs. Join our mailing list!

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Tech Tip: Diesel Bi-Directional Control Tips

March 23, 2017

In this tech tip from the AVI course LBT-191: Introduction to the Ford 6.4L Diesel, instructor Mark DeKoster shows the advantages of using scan tool bi-directional controls to perform engine diagnostics. Join our mailing list!

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Tech Tip: A/C Systems – New Contaminant Issues

March 22, 2017

Contaminants have always been an issue with mobile A/C systems. In this weeks tech tip, instructor Ron Bilyeu tells you how contaminants can really cause big trouble with the new IHX A/C systems. Join our mailing list!

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