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Information System: Save Time – Save Money

March 17, 2017

In this tech tip from the AVI Course LS-57 What You Need To Know About Rich P-Code Conditions, instructor Ron Bilyeu points out how using the SureTrack information system led to quicker fix and getting the vehicle back to the customer faster. Pass this Quick Quiz and receive a promo code for 50% off your purchase of “What […]

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Quick Quiz: Deceptive Diagnostics

March 3, 2017

The infamous “ever since you” complaint, where a different problem springs up after fixing the original complaint; these totally mind boggling diagnostic puzzles come into the shop every day. The problem with most of these is they cannot be remedied by using traditional diagnostic methods. How much do you know about Deceptive Diagnostics? Take this […]

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Quick Quiz: Parasitic Current Draw

AVI teams up with Delphi instructor and electrical mastermind, Dave Hobbs to bring you the most comprehensive class on parasitic battery drains on the market. Dave will guide you through the entire diagnostic process, step by step in order to make sure you have confirmed the customer complaint all the way to verifying the repair. […]

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Quick Quiz: Intermittent Diagnostics

March 6, 2016

AVI and Instructor Bill Fulton have put together a top of-the-line video on intermittent failure diagnostics. Covering Import and Domestic models using scanners, multi-meters, jumper wires, and O-scopes. You’ll not only see how each different model can be diagnosed easier and faster using Bill’s methods of tracing intermittent failures, but also how to determine those […]

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Quick Quiz: Misfire Diagnostics

Some of the most frustrating codes for a technician to handle are the p 300s. Misfires are from fuel, ignition or compression related problems and different tools can isolate the cause. How much do you know about Misfire Diagnostics? Take this quiz to find out! View Course! Misfire Diagnostics  

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