Management Tips from the Automotive Management Network

March 12, 2015

Written by Tom Ham, these are the latest Shop Management Tips from the Automotive Management Network!

Tip #187 – Slow down! Take a little extra time with every customer both in person and on the phone. During that time, give them your undivided attention. There is no looking elsewhere. There is no one else to talk to. There are no phones to be answered. There is no “is my part here yet?” or other staff interruptions – make sure everyone knows that. It is noticeable to the customer and will often make the difference in whether or not the sale is made.

Tip #188 – Let me be perfectly clear. Communicate clearly. Few folks do this well today. Most customers want things to be simple, easy, and hassle free – including the extremely complex things. People like and are more inclined to buy what they can easily comprehend. The easier you can make it, the better the customer experience and the greater the sales will be.

Tip #189 – Sit down and shut up. Talk less. Listen more. You will get more sales. And you won’t talk your way out of a sale that you have already closed. Pause for one or two seconds after the customer stops talking, and then reply. This will significantly improve your communications.

*Hat tip to the Automotive Management Network for providing excellent management tips and advice to the public.

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