Quick Management Tips from Automotive Management Network

February 22, 2013

Is your marketing message clear to everyone? What can you do to get further exposure for your business? Are you able to point out what makes your business so great?  Check out the latest Auto Shop Monthly Management Tips from the Automotive Management Network to get inside secrets on managing your shop and increasing your bottom line.

 That’s as clear as mud!

Your marketing messages should be immediately and abundantly clear to everyone. Try them on your kids. If they say: “Huh?” then rewrite it until they get it the first time. How often do you read an ad a second time because you are not sure exactly what it means? Those ads are not very good. They frustrate and confuse people. The same goes for all of your customer communications. Make all of your messages simple and crystal clear.

He’s everywhere! He’s everywhere!

Get exposure; the more, the better. Where can you place your logo? Where can you post it large? Where can you post it often? Engrave it in the minds of everyone in your community. The more well-known your name is, the more customers will come. The shop with its name in the most places is often perceived as the best shop in town.

Just what makes you so special?

I need my car fixed and you all fix cars. Why not just flip a coin? I need a good reason (or two) to try you. What is that reason? If you can’t easily come up with an answer, do a close examination of your business and either find the answer or make the necessary changes so there is an answer to be found. You need to be special in some way. Once you figure out what that is, tell the world in everything that you do.