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The Alphabet Soup (and how you can benefit)

March 14, 2016

Today’s Automotive & Heavy Duty Aftermarkets are just slap full of organizations that are known only by the acronyms:  AWDA, AASA, ASA, MEMA, YANG, ACC are just a sampling of the groups that exist.  Who they are and what they do is very often overlooked by most of us in the Automotive Aftermarket….and if you’re reading this, you are a part of that glorious collection of technicians, service writers, shop owners, factory reps, parts manufacturers and suppliers.

So how does this alphabet soup of groups and organizations help me you’re asking? Because these are groups that have a specific aim – to improve the industry and help as many of those in it, stay in it and thrive (thrive – translation: be profitable/make more money).

It used to be that the Automotive Aftermarket grew at a steady pace on its own, repair shops were everywhere, and they made a good living for those that owned or worked in them. Parts stores were like banks, mom & pop stores that serviced their neighborhood shops and helped out when needed.  Failed businesses were rare because cars weren’t that complicated.

That has all changed in today’s world. Cars have one or two on board computers, will soon be driving themselves, can already park themselves and the components to repair them have gone from an $8.00 set of points and condenser to computer controlled variable valve train engines. The mom & pop shops are all but extinct, corporate chains and franchises have replaced most and the independent market is slowly shifting to a greater and greater reliance on online parts sales and the technicians of tomorrow have fewer and fewer opportunities to enter the job market.……..doesn’t look like a really bright future does it?

There are two I’ll key in on today – ASA – Automotive Service Association and the other is a group under AWDA –


ASA – Automotive Service Association

ASA is a national organization that enlists shop owners (body shop, service shop and transmission shops) to help educate the membership staff and employees in the fast changing world we work in. Updating your skills today is insuring your profitability and continued growth for the future. Shop management, diagnostic skills, demonstrations on issues and problems we all face in repairing todays vehicles. Courses are presented live and online, please check out their site and consider joining an organization that speaks for you in Congress.

ASA sponsors the NACE/CARS show every year. This is a wonderful event to meet the trainers & instructors of today educating you on the issues you face in your shops. – Here is a group that represents the automotive aftermarket as advocates in front of Congress and state legislatures, insuring the aftermarket has access to repair information and is not excluded by the O.E. markets. They are an educational, networking and market analytics resource for all in the aftermarket.

But the biggest effort that I see making is in getting new technicians and students interested and aware of the Automotive Aftermarket as a career path. They have placed a Job Board on their site to assist new technicians, service writers, parts people and future managers get started on a successful career.

Please take a look at their site and the Job Board…if you have a position you’d like filled, post it there today!


Both of these tremendous groups are working hard to keep the Automotive Aftermarket a thriving opportunity and community…..take the time to look at them and join today!

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