UPDATE: AVI’s Tornado Relief Trip

December 22, 2021

Paul and Steve got home Saturday afternoon. Almost 5000 miles in 4 days. Pretty nasty weather, cold, dreary, rainy. Add to that the reality of the scene they were headed into, downright depressing. The urgent need for the supplies they were hauling was the motivating force. Paul heard the call and jumped into action.

The Marco Island Patriots are no strangers to devastating scenes of catastrophic destruction. By the time Paul and Steve got to the nearby town of Benton, the Patriots were organized, helping displaced survivors find temporary shelter, feeding scores of first responders and anyone in need. It was truly moving to see the selfless outreach, for total strangers. Patriots? More like Angels.

Their mission was to round up the 2500 lbs. of dog and cat food donated by PetSense pet store on Marco Island and other generous stores as well as friends and neighbors. They had quite a load. Paul reached out to a friend in Vidalia GA., Bob Webster of Webster Motor Co., who generously donated 5000 lbs. of horse and cow feed.

We feel very honored to have been asked to help with this adventure. Helping others in need is one of the best things we can do with our short time. We’ll never forgot what we saw.