In this hands on workshop, students will learn diagnostic and repair techniques for working with high-voltage vehicles.

The course covers the components that make these vehicles unique and delves deep into their operation, their specialized components and effective diagnostic procedures. It also extensively covers the most critical subject of the lessons: safety. This class explains the vehicle’s workings, preparing the vehicle for safe diagnostic interaction, proper personal protective equipment for the technician, and recommended tools.

Topics include: Electricity fundamentals and testing procedures, wiring schematics, electrical vehicle configurations and components, safety, regenerative braking, EV cooling systems, scan tool diagnostics and much more.


Understand the fundamental theories of electricity and electrical current including the differences between A/C and D/C

Explore how to test electric circuits

Understand personal protective equipment and the procedures to follow

Describe electric vehicle diagnostic procedures

Understand high voltage battery technology and components

Describe high voltage component testing, removal, and replacement

Discover diagnostic tools including scopes and scanners

Testing and serving Electric Vehicle inverters and converters


Topics and Tools Covered:

Lithium and Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

12 Volt and High Voltage Charging Systems

CAN Bus, Data Streams, PIDs

Cooling systems, regenerative braking

Volt Meters

Scan Tools

Lab Scopes

Safety Equipment

When you’re making your next diagnosis or repair of an electric vehicle, do it with the confidence and knowledge that comes with hands-on, expert-led training from AVI!

8 Study Hours

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