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Title Intermediate Air Conditioning
Duration 2 Day
Target Audience Technician
Purpose Full understanding of the operation, diagnostics, and service of vehicle A/C systems
Course Description This course will cover all aspects of modern air conditioning systems using both R134 and R1234yf refrigerants. The complete refrigeration cycle will be explained, and all components involved will be discussed in detail. Service and testing techniques along with equipment usage will be covered. Proper system leak testing tools and procedures will be shown and fully discussed.
Hands-On Learning Yes - AVI will provide fully operational A/C system mockups to be used in the classroom. This course will require the use of an A/C machine during class. Students will use the mockups to perform a variety of procedures such as compressor replacement, leak testing and temperature testing of the refrigerant lines for diagnostic purposes
Expected Outcomes Technician should be able to properly perform A/C system service and be able to explain the operation and repair requirements of any given system.

Title Advanced Air Conditioning - Hybrid and EV Systems
Duration 1 Day
Target Audience Technician
Purpose Explain unique operational characteristics of hybrid/EV air conditioning systems
Course Description This course will cover the design, operation, and testing of A/C systems on hybrid and electric vehicles. These systems can come in many forms of compressor drive from belt only, belt/electric combination to full electric in either AC or DC voltage supply. A condensed discussion of the refrigeration cycle will be included. Operation, testing, and diagnostics of these systems will be the bulk of the course time.
Hands-On Learning Yes - This course will include live system testing on mockups in a classroom environment and will necessitate the use of an A/C machine
Expected Outcomes Upon Completion the technician should have appropriate knowledge to perform service and repairs on hybrid and EV air conditioning systems as well as the safety requirements involved with high voltage system service.

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