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2022 Educator Catalog


  • Complete pathway for trainers
  • Lessons built in chapter format
  • Built in evaluations
  • Testing that is LMS friendly
  • Video library for classroom support
  • Classroom and Lab worksheets
  • Modular content design for classroom use
  • Over 130 hours of training
  • Digital student manuals
  • Three phase motor design and operation
  • HEV-BEV gear box designs
  • High voltage battery construction and testing

OnDemand Videos

Unlimited Educator Pass (1-year subscription)

  • Over 500 hours of automotive training with new courses added monthly.
  • Includes 1 administrator account
  • Includes Unlimited student accounts
  • Includes ASE A-Series
  • Includes a Lift Safety course

ASE T-Series Bundle ( 1-year subscription)

This training covers information technicians need to know to successfully pass the ASE T series certification exams. (ASE T1-T8, L2)

CCAR Training Bundle ( 1-year subscription)

Safety and hazardous material training for the automotive industry.

Training Aids

EVa: Electric Vehicle Training Aid

Introducing AVI’s latest innovation, EVa: The Electric Vehicle Training Aid. From the company that brought you the award-winning cutaway hybrid, we are proud to unveil a totally self-contained, turn-key EV system simulator. It was specifically designed to teach the fundamentals of high voltage electric vehicle diagnostics in a safe, controlled environment.

There are many advantages to using a compact training tool such as this when space is an issue. No need for the entire vehicle, no need to remove obstructing parts and covers to get right in there to test, diagnose and solve a problem. Hands-on made easy.

The training aid comes with a year subscription of curriculum. It includes slide deck with instructor notes, videos, worksheets, test questions and answers. Curriculum will be updated yearly.

  • NMH Battery Pack for safety
  • Reversible 3 Phase Motor
  • Traction Inverter
  • CAN Software 
  • Charging controller
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Liquid Coolant System
  • Built-in Faults & Student Worksheets

Included with Base Purchase:

  • EVa Electric Vehicle Training Aid Cart
  • One 8-Hour Train the Trainer Session
  • Delivery and Setup

Optional Add-ons include:

  • Additional Training - Learn How AVI Experts Successful Employ this Training Aid
  • Electric Vehicle Related Tools and Equipment - Mission Critical Tools for Training and Shop Diagnostics
  • Custom Wrap - Put Your Company Name and Logo on EVa
  • Custom Cover - Protect Your Investment

Hybrid Electric Cutaway Vehicle Trainer

AVI's Hybrid Electric Cutaway Vehicle Trainer is a fully operational vehicle developed for static and active training scenarios.  There are secondary, de-energized high voltage components such as an additional battery, inverter, and motor generator for introductory practical exercises.

  • Electricity Fundamentals
  • EV / Hybrid Safety
  • HV Battery Technologies
  • Regenerative Braking
  • EV Cooling Systems
  • Remote-control Faults with Student Worksheets

ATS Tools: eTRAINER JR Educator’s Kit

This hands-on training simulator will cover the operation and testing of basic to advanced electronic circuits.

  • Complete electrical training program includes series, electrical circuits, worksheets, & more
  • 10 eTRAINER JR's
  • 10 Fault Block Kits
  • 10 Power Supplies
  • 1 eTRAINER JR Manual
  • Custom Pelican Air Carry Case with retractable extension handle and quiet rolling stainless-steel bearing wheels

Train The Trainer Session Add-On

AVI also offers in-person train-the trainer sessions to help train instructors on how to teach students electrical, diesel, and diagnostic system service and repair (Taught at your location)

Live Training Options

AVI's Mobile Training Workshop will come to your shop or organization for live hands on training.

Group training options may include the Hybrid Electric Cutaway Vehicle Trainer along with various additional classroom materials for attendees.

AVI offers Custom Live On-Site Training Seminars where your Instructor will present cutting edge information to a group or organization in person at your location.

Topics include: Engine Management, Diesel Diagnostics, Electrical, Hybrids, Business Management, and more. Custom Training Available.

AVI's Technician Coaching Program provides an online interactive training classroom where you can interact with the instructor as a group, allowing students to see live hands on instruction with on car demonstrations and testing.

Tools & Equipment

EV Testing Tools Cart (Full Set)

Complete tool cart with safety and EV testing tools.

  • Diagnostic cart
  • Launch master scan tool X431 throttle 3 
  • OBD11 Breakout box
  • 3 pairs safety gloves
  • 3 Phase tester
  • Insulation tester Fluke 1587
  • Scope Differential probe 
  • EMF/RF tester
  • And more!

High Voltage Battery Cell Load Tester

Use this tester to diagnose the individual battery cells of a high voltage battery pack. Use your scan tool for direction on suspicious battery modules, then simply dynamically load test the various cells to see if they can be charged or will need to be replaced to properly balance the H.V. battery pack and eliminate those pesky DTC’s.


Gas Fuel Test Kit

This kit allows technicians to check Gasoline  fuel quality . It's a quick and simple test procedure that ensures the fuel meets the most important qualities and reduces part failures. Kit includes: Gasoline Hydrometer, Refractometer, Gasoline Test Fluid and Fuel sample cylinder.

5 Volt Reference Provider

This tool allows the technician to have a regulated 5-volt power supply on hand. Use it to supply reference voltage to circuits on live vehicles or use it to bench test computer controlled components before taking the time to install them only to find out the new part is faulty.

Launch:  X-431 Throttle III

  • Guided VW&AUDI functions
  • OE-Level bi-directional functionality
  • Support communication protocols CAN/CAFD/DoIP
  • Vehicle health report feature

HV Battery Contactors Training Module

Used to teach HV power up and how the Pre- Charge resistor and contactors work. Can be used to facilitate circuit operation and using wiring diagrams. Students can assemble and operate the system as it works in a live EV. This training module acts as a real EV circuit however uses low voltage to provide educational safety during the learning process. The tester uses real system parts and wiring and is operationally correct.

Turn your classroom into a STEM laboratory!

This kit provides the foundation of hybrid and electric vehicle technology with ten sets of parts that can be configured a variety of ways to create an electric motor or generator.

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