Advanced Testing Strategies

This live classroom training course will train you and your mind on logical diagnostic procedures to follow and the tools to take you to the finish line in this course.

Technicians know how to test vehicles for client complaints, but do you do it logically or just fall back on procedures and tools you are comfortable with?

Utilizing DTC's and drivability concerns, client feedback, and technician observations, the student will be shown logical steps on vehicle diagnostics by picking the most straightforward and most logical path to car repair. True go no go testing will be discussed and used to find the quickest path to a solution. Knowing the process will get you to the best solution no matter where the problem lies.

  • Understand the difference and use of pre and post O2 data
  • Utilize scan tools and scan tool accessories
  • Evaluate hands-on testing procedures
  • Interpret case studies as a learning tool
  • List the critical six main inputs acquired from the scan data
  • Understand the use of a VE calculator
  • Describe the importance of temp sensors
  • Evaluate pre and post O2 sensor patterns

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Instructor was very clear, very knowledgeable. As a shop that's trying to keep up with the newer cars, the things that are coming in, the things we need to get used to, we’re leaving this class with more confidence. Mark Eitel - K&M Automotive

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