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SMP Turbocharger Diagnosis and Service

July 16, 2019

Turbochargers are used in all light truck diesels have become common in small displacement engines. These systems change the diagnosis of fuel trim and engine breathing. Technician must understand turbocharger components and operation for proper diagnosis of engine performance complaints. The goal of this class is to prepare technicians to diagnose and service turbochargers on […]

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AVI Beta Testing New Training Concierge Program

July 8, 2019

AVI (Automotive Video Innovations) announces the testing of the first structured, monitored automotive training process for the automotive industry. The Concierge service offers full service training management and supervision, a process which utilizes assessments to help determine where a technician is in their automotive career and what courses they should take to get better. Shop […]

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ZF Suspension Systems

June 27, 2019

Ford F150 in Steering & Chassis Technology ZF/TRW chassis systems are present in every second car on our planet. This shows the large OE business what TRW is representing. During this class you will get an in depth look into TRW chassis technology on a Ford F150, starting with the foundations of chassis dynamics and […]

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Watch and Win Access

June 25, 2019

All Access Pass and Bosch members can access the Watch and Win broadcast by simply clicking the link below and then clicking “View Course” Watch The Watch and Win Broadcast Non All Access Pass or Bosch members must first purchase the course then visit their My Courses Page, click the link for the course and […]

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LBT-365 Bosch Start/Stop Technology: System Diagnostics

May 31, 2019

LIVE JUNE 26 @ 2:00 PM EDT – This program builds on the LBT-352 program, which was presented live at the 2019 AVI Spring Training Conference. In this program we will dig deeper into the three different voltage stabilization designs, featured on Stop/Start vehicles, specifically looking at the components involved and analyzing the wiring schematics. On vehicle […]

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LBT-363 Toyota Brands: Critical Scan Tool Analysis

May 24, 2019

Join Us Live May 29, 2019 – Longtime AVI instructor Bill Fulton focuses this scan tool course on Toyota systems. Bill shows you how to quickly analyze data to get to the root of systematic issues, including using Global and Enhanced data to get your diagnostics started fast. O2 sensors, fuel trim data, MAF issues and more […]

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The Auto Care Association (ACA) and AVI (a Florida company) join forces in the fight for ownership, accessibility and privacy rights of car-generated data.

May 21, 2019

May 15, 2019 For Immediate Release Fort Myers, FL – Automotive Video Innovations (AVI) has donated their in-house studio time and staff to Auto Care Association’s President, Bill Hanvey, to produce an important Public Service Announcement (PSA) advocating for open and equal access to car-generated data. Bill Hanvey, President of Auto Care Association, “There is no larger issue […]

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The Truth Behind Telematics Data – Your Future Is In Jeopardy

  It really is a great time to be an aftermarket automotive technician.  Engines are getting better year after year and the computers that make them perform really do make it easier to serve your amazing customers. As we watch the industry we are seeing a disturbing trend. Every year, gaining access to this data […]

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Diesel Tips and Tricks

April 5, 2019

Things you may have known (but probably don’t) with Tony Salas Tony Salas, one of the aftermarket’s most respected diesel instructors, offers up some of his best tips and tricks when servicing a variety of the popular light duty diesel engines Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke. Tony’s tips not only help you fix diesels faster, but […]

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Automotive Video Innovations (AVI) Donates Training to Local Firefighters

March 20, 2019

Partnered with NAFTC, AVI delivers Alternative Fuels Safety Course to local Firefighters Fort Myers, FL – Automotive Video Innovations (AVI) has partnered with the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) to donate safety training to local Fort Myers Firefighters. The mission was primarily designed to educate First Responders on the major alternative fuel vehicle groups […]

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LBT-346 Dealing With Difficult Customers

February 23, 2019

Ever had a really great, incredible day destroyed by a customer? Yes, you know the one. These situations disrupt business, affect the work environment, and suck all the energy out of you. It is a tough job to be helpful and provide great customer service when a guest is confrontational, unreasonable or over demanding. Let’s […]

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LBT-345 Social Media: Be Where They Are

This course is will introduce you to social media and explain the importance of why your business needs to be visible there. Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to: Recognize the importance of an automotive business being visible on social media Explain the basics of the top social media platforms Describe […]

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LBT-347 Top EPA Trouble Codes

February 22, 2019

TOP EPA TROUBLE CODES presented by John Forro Every quarter of every year, the EPA releases a list of the top trouble codes regarding emission related issues. Instructor John Forro discusses the most recent list of codes, and the possible fixes for them. A great class for all technicians and critical for technicians with state […]

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LBT-344 Euro Wiring Diagrams

February 5, 2019

Join Us Live February 27 – You’ve got a Euro car as your next job with an electrical problem, You’re pulling up the wiring diagrams and you can’t make heads or tail of it. Has this frustration ever happened to you? This class will help unravel the mysterious format in the EURO DIN wiring diagrams! We […]

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Reprogramming & Flashing Quick Quiz 2

January 31, 2019

How much do you know about Reprogramming & Flashing? Take this quiz to find out! Reprogramming & Flashing  

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Reprogramming & Flashing Quick Quiz 1

How much do you know about Reprogramming & Flashing? Take this quiz to find out! Reprogramming & Flashing  

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