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Tech Tip: Forced Induction – Spark Plug Gap

June 15, 2017 in Tech Videos

High Performance requires you to think about many things differently, including spark plug gap. In this weeks tech tip from AVI course Essentials of Performance Tuning: Mysteries of Fuel Injection, instructor Ron Bilyeu reminds you about a few things regarding spark. Join our mailing list! THIS WEEKEND ONLY Father’s Day Specials For Only $19.95 Each […]

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Tech Tip: Toyota Reprogramming Strategies

June 8, 2017 in Tech Videos

In this tech tip, a quick walk through of the Toyota Immobilizer System is featured. Instructor Bob Augustine covers a wide variety of domestic and import programming and flashing procedures in this comprehensive package produced by AVI in conjunction with Bob Augustine of Christian Brothers Automotive. Over 5 hours of training are included in this […]

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Tech Tip: Hybrid Battery Safety Tips

June 1, 2017 in Tech Videos

Dealing with hybrid batteries requires the proper safety procedures and test equipment. In this tech tip from the AVI program AP-9: Meter Usage and Electrical Circuit Testing, instructor Dave Hobbs reminds you to take high voltage battery testing very, very seriously. Join our mailing list! THIS WEEKEND ONLY SAVE UP TO 50% OFF ON SELECT […]

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Tech Tip: TPMS Liabilities

May 25, 2017 in Tech Videos

Just what is your shop’s liability regarding the TPMS service light? In this tech tip from LBT-277: Making Money Servicing TPMS, instructor Karl Schneider reminds techs and shop owners the legal requirements when it come to TPMS service repairs. Join our mailing list! MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE SAVE UP TO 35% OFF A HUGE SELECTION […]

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Tech Tip – A/C Mildew Odors: Afterblow Solutions

May 17, 2017 in Tech Videos

A common customer complaint is “My A/C smells.” Instructor Dave Hobbs provides you with detailed information on the best way to  eliminate mildew type odors using the Afterblow Module. Watch this important Tech Tip from the AVI course LBT-271: Deceptive Diagnostics. Join our mailing list! This Weekend Only! A/C courses starting at only 34.95! Offer […]

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Tech Tip: Injectors Flow Rate vs Color Coding

May 4, 2017 in Tech Videos

As you know, many manufacturers color code their injectors. In this Tech Tip from the AVI course “LBT-83 Fuelish Tips”, instructor Doug Garriott shows how color coding can be a diagnostic starting point regarding different fuel delivery issues. Join our mailing list! This Weekend Only! Get this course and other fuel related courses starting at only $9.95! […]

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Tech Tip: O2 Sensors

April 6, 2017 in AVI InsiderTech Videos

AVI instructor Mark DeKoster presents several great tech tips including lab scope pattern, proper O2 sensor replacement, and fuel vs. ignition misfire analysis using O2 sensor voltage changes. Additonal Comments or questions This iframe contains the logic required to handle AJAX powered Gravity Forms. Join our mailing list! This Weekend Only! Get this course and […]

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6 Steps To Solving Problem Cars

March 22, 2017 in AVI InsiderTech Videos

In this Tech Tip from the AVI training program LBT-269 Wiring Schematics Interpretation, instructor Peter Orlando reminds all technicians how important it is to follow the same diagnostic procedures on every vehicle each and every time. Following these procedures will reduce your comebacks, especially when analyzing tricky wiring issues. Join our mailing list! This Weekend […]

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Time Capsule: Bubba’s Garage

March 21, 2017 in FeaturedTech Videos

In this AVI Time Capsule blast from the past, Bubba (AKA Jim Linder) spins out a few tech tips including “Fool Pressure Chart”, “BAP Test” for impact torque settings, the “Idio Illumination Chart” for test lights and more. Yep, they’re tongue in cheek and you’ll laugh out loud as Bubba makes you think about different […]

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