Short Review of Diesel Engine Mechanicals Tech Tip

December 5, 2019


Instructor Tony Salas points out the general areas you need to know regarding diesel engine basics in preparation for ASE-T2 testing.

ASE-T2 Medium/Heavy Diesel Engines
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ASE-T2 Medium/Heavy Diesel Engines

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The ASE T2 Medium/Heavy Diesel Engines Test Preparation contains tips on preparing for and successfully passing the Diesel Mechanic Certification exam. The topics discussed in the ASE T2 study guide cover what will be included on the ASE T2 certification test, in detail: General Engine Diagnosis; Cylinder Head And valvetrain Diagnosis And Repair; Engine Block Diagnosis and Repair; Lubrication And Cooling Systems Diagnosis and Repair; Ignition System Diagnosis And Repair; Fuel And Exhaust Systems Diagnosis and Repair; Emission Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair; and Computerized Engine Controls Diagnosis And Repair for medium/ heavy trucks with diesel engines .

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