Introducing EVa: Our Latest Innovation

June 28, 2022

Automotive Video Innovations, Inc. (AVI), an industry leader in providing automotive training to academic and industry organizations, is pleased to announce their new EV training tool for automotive students and technicians, EVa (Electric Vehicle Training Aid).

"EVa is a major innovation in hybrid and electric vehicle training" states AVI's director of training Tom Rayk. Mr. Rayk continues, “Electrical concepts and Hands-on procedures that a student or working technician needs to know to repair today's hybrid and electric vehicles systems can be demonstrated with this portable unit."

“EVa contains all the major electrical components of a Hybrid or EV vehicle, including a motor generator, a reversible 3 phase AC motor, a traction inverter, C.A.N bus software, regenerative braking, a charging controller, high voltage battery, resolver, 12 volt control system and a liquid cooling system.

“EVa is also available with a turnkey training program on Hybrid and Electrical vehicles. Needed training topics like electrical safety, battery testing, scope testing, proper test equipment usage, no-run conditions and many more topics can be taught and demonstrated with EVa.

For more information regarding the Eva training tool, email