AVI’s 2020 Year In Review

January 4, 2021

2020 was a year of new challenges and unexpected obstacles. Shop Owners and technicians have had to adapt to the changing world around them. As we enter the new year, we've put together some highlights of 2020.

Technician Coaching Program

AVI Coaching Program

AVI created a new Technician Coaching Program, 3 months in length, featuring AVI Master instructor John Forro. Keeping the class size small allowed for direct mentorship. This Electrical course consisted of 6 bi-weekly zoom meetings with registered attendees. Online orientation and an online assessment were provided to take before the first meeting. To Learn More About The Mentor Program, Click Here


Canvas Partnership on School & Business Learning Management System Integration

AVI is pleased to announce a partnership with Canvas LMS. This technological agreement will allow educational and business entities who currently utilize Canvas as their learning management system to seamlessly access AVI education content, as well as user data, course assignments, and student progression from their Canvas administrative desktop.

Learn More About AVI's Canvas Partnership.

AVI Conference

2020 AVI Training Conference

AVI & The Group Training Academy's 2020 Winter Conference took place Thursday, January 16 - Saturday, January 18, 2020, at AVI World Headquarters, Fort Myers, Florida. These three days featured technical and management training from industry-leading instructors. To Learn More About The Event, Click Here.

The Cutaway Prius

Revealing the Cutaway Prius

This unique training tool, a “modified” Toyota Prius, was developed to educate and offer students and professional service technicians an opportunity to interact with non-energized, high-voltage components and to learn the proper techniques and personal protective equipment needed for a safe work environment. To Learn More about the Cutaway Prius, Click Here.

24/7 Streaming & Live Webinars

AVI Plus & AVILive

AVI Plus included 24/7 training anytime, anywhere. Courses playing from the AVI archive and AVI Live featured Daily and weekly Live webinar instruction for participants to interact with the instructor. Also available for Basic and AAP members. Learn More About AVI Live and AVI.

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