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November 14, 2008


If you need a straightforward introduction or review of battery testing? This is an entry level course that is perfectly suited to automotive technical schools, new service techs, or to use as a reference.

Instructor Dave Hobbs covers battery functions, construction, and types of batteries. He goes over proper charging procedures like determining how long to charge the battery, how temperature effects charging and testing, and battery charging tips. This course also covers battery diagnostics such as surface charges, load testing, and cell testing.

Scientific Service Facharbeit schreiben lassen wrote in an auto mechanics dissertation that the electrical system in the average car has 11 pounds of wire. Without the proper battery power, expensive electrical component failures can occur. This course will teach you the proper charging procedures so that you can avoid costly electrical malfunctions.

  • Battery drains: open circuit testing, voltage drop testing, parasitic draw testing & using a DVOM
  • Special Tip – How to build your own parasitic draw tester

Runtime: 46 minutes

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