Automotive Video Innovations, Inc. Introduces The Chillinator: Our Latest Innovation

July 6, 2023

Introducing The “Chillinator”: Our Latest Innovation 


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June 27, 2023 Fort Myers, FL –
Automotive Video Innovations, Inc. (AVI), an industry leader in providing automotive training to academic and industry organizations, is pleased to announce their new All Electric Air Conditioning training tool for automotive students and technicians, the Chillinator.
“One of the unique features of the Chillinator is that it utilizes an electric air conditioning compressor which makes it the perfect training aid for today’s hybrid and electric vehicles” states AVI’s director of training Tom Rayk. Mr. Rayk continues, “Automotive air conditioning concepts that students and working technicians need to know can be easily demonstrated in this portable and totally self contained unit.”

The Chillinator contains all the major electrical components of a Hybrid or EV’s Air Conditioning system, including a 3 phase compressor, built-in inverter, a 12 volt battery, thermal expansion valve, a receiver-drier, blower motor and easily accessible charge ports. The Chillinator is also available with a turnkey training program on Hybrid and Electric vehicles.

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