Auction to Help Fund the AVI Scholarship

December 15, 2009

Every year Team AVI works with AMI to raise money for the AVI Scholarship fund to send technicians to the AVI Training Conference. The scholarship includes airfare, hotel and tuition. In past years we have received items donated by the vendors and sponsors of the AVI Training Conference and held silent auctions and raffles at Casino Night at the Conference. This year we have decided to take these donated items and create a charity auction on our Ebay store to raised money for the scholarship fund.

EbayThere will be two auctions, one beginning December 16 and another beginning December 28th. You can bid on the following items on the Automotive Video Ebay Store under the AVI Scholarship Auction.

Items Available for Bidding Now:

Bartec Wheelrite Tech300 Plus

btc-wrt300lgThe Wheelrite TECH400 Plus is the flagship of aftermarket TPMS tools. This tool supports the replacement of TPMS sensors and the reprogramming of the car, turns the warning light off and is designed to enable the reprogramming of those cars which do not have a ‘TPMS relearn’ facility in the engine management software of the vehicle.
Bartec Whellrite Tech300 Plus

Midtronics PSC-550 S Power Supply Charger

midtronics battery chargerPSC Power Supply Chargers provide a clean, reliable power supply for charging and maintaining battery state-of-charge during service reflash,complex maintenance, or on the showroom floor where vehicle demonstrations require significant power from the battery. When operating as a power supply the PSC converts 120 volt AC line input into a virtually noise-free, nominal 13.4 volt DC output. When operating as a battery charger the PSC delivers current up to the rated value for charging any 12 volt lead-acid battery when voltage is depressed due to a discharge event.
Midtronics PSC-550 S Power Supply Charger –place-bid

1 Year ATSG Membership

atsg_logoWith the rapid changes that are happening almost on a daily basis in our industry, the need to keep up with them is more important. The access to a telephone and online Hot/Help line is a must, bulletins showing changes, fixes, interchangeability, and updates is another must. You will have access to transmission manuals on a timely basis and customer service in case of a warranty claim. Subscribers also receive discounts on books, schools, computer software, videos, and seminars. It really pays to belong to ATSG!
1 Year ATSG Membership –place-bid

Items Starting December 28th

Smoke Wizard Smoke Machine

Smoke WizardThis smoke machine can diagnose 9 of the top 10 check engine light codes. It can be used with shop air or any inert gas such as nitrogen, using a patented UltraTraceUV dye to spot small leaks and is powered by the vehicles battery. The Smoke Wizard™ is lightweight and portable and can fit in your toolbox on its back. With this machine you can perform natural vacuum EVAP system tests, pressure and vacuum decay tests, and monitor and detect .010”, .020” and .040” leaks with ease.

Registration to CARS 2010

CARSAttend CARS October 10-13, 2010 at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. CARS is the premier event for automotive service professionals. An event specifically created and designed to deliver high quality, trusted education and product information to this vital segment of the industry.

1 Year Membership to MACS and $100 Credit for Online Store

MACSWrldwd logoSPOTBLUE (2)As a member of the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) you will enjoy many benefits including issues of MACS ACTION Magazine, MACS Service Reports, access to MACS member only data and archives on the MACS website, access to MACS Technical Helpline, discount at MACS annual Convention and Trade Show, discount at MACS training clinics, discount on MACS training and reference products and many other benefits and discounts. You will also receive a $100 discount to use on any products on the MACS online store.

Since these items were donated by our vendors and sponsors, we are able to sell them at a reduced cost. Please take advantage of the great discounts on these products and help support a good cause. We would like to thank our sponsors and vendors for their generous donations to the AVI Scholarship fund. To apply for the scholarship, please click here.