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This bundle consists of 42 archived webinars held by AVI Instructors.


AVI Live Webinar: 5-Gas Analysis

Archived Webinar – This course covers the use and interpretation of the 5 gasses and analyzer used to read the gasses. A heavy emphasis is placed on how to reduce the poisonous gasses levels along with stoichiometric fuel efficiency. Converter operation along with oxygen sensor operations will be discussed in great detail. If your state […]

AVI Live Webinar: ABS and Enhanced Stability Systems

Archived Webinar – ABS and Enhanced Stability Systems are designed to allow the driver to maintain control of the vehicle in poor driving conditions. In this webinar we’ll discuss what they are and aren’t able to do, how to road test the vehicle to analyze concerns and confirm repair. What are the tools and tests […]

AVI Live Webinar: Air Flow Sensors

Archived Webinar – This webinar present by Ron Bilyeu, will cover everything you need to know about air flow sensors! Original Air Date – July 17, 2020

AVI Live Webinar: A Millennials Perspective, What I Want from an Automotive Repair Shop

Archived Webinar – Sara Fraser is millennial who has been in the automotive industry for the past 8 years. Join us for this webinar where Sara will talk about the experience, services, and interaction that she is looking for when it comes to an automotive repair shop! Original Air Date – September 9, 2020

AVI Live Webinar: Audi/VW Data Blocks – What They Are and How to Use Them

Archived Webinar – VAG vehicles use a unique way of displaying data called Data Blocks. The first time you work on a VW/AUDI you might be a little confused. Where do you find Additive or Multiplicative Fuel Trim or other items? It this class we will cover how to get you to the areas that […]

AVI Live Webinar: Dealing with Difficult Customers

Archived Webinar – It is a tough job to be helpful and provide great customer service when a guest is confrontational, unreasonable or over demanding. Let’s not overlook the impact on your store’s profits. Many times these situations result in performing work for no pay, refunds or even a lost customer. And don’t forget your […]

AVI Live Webinar: Diagnosing No Communication / No codes

Archived Webinar – There’s nothing more frustrating than having a vehicle where there are no codes and no communication when you plug in your scan tool and try to communicate with a module. In this webinar, we will be discussing various tips and techniques one can do to help determine if this is caused by […]

AVI Live Webinar: Diesel Diagnostics Review

Archived Webinar – Issue – do you really know your diesel and all the subsystems? Let’s be straight about this, service information is not always clear! What do you do when a DPF is prematurely ash loaded? What is really causing soot accumulation in a DPF? Do you understand what a diagnostic trouble code is? […]

AVI Live Webinar: Does Your Car Have A Pulse?

Archived Webinar – This webinar introduces the use of pressure-pulse sensors for testing the engine with no invasive testing. Quick tests to determine the condition of the engine or fuel system using a labscope and pressure pulse sensor. Vacuum waveform diagnostics using a Map sensor will also be covered. How to baseline the engine quickly […]

AVI Live Webinar: Do We Have a Failure to Communicate?

Archived Webinar – Scan tool not communicating with the vehicle or modules not talking? Using a Can box and Labscope this webinar covers tip and techniques to check for proper communication. What tests should you run with the scan tool and more! New to this type of testing? This webinar will get you the information […]

AVI Live Webinar: Dynamic Duo Part 1

Archived Webinar – All technicians realize the importance of their scan tools and lab scopes when diagnosing various computer control issues. This exclusively unique course will show the technician how to maximize the data they retrieve with their scan tool to allow them a seamless transition when attaching their scopes to the circuitry for in-depth […]

AVI Live Webinar: Dynamic Duo Part 2

Archived Webinar – All technicians realize the importance of their scan tools and lab scopes when diagnosing various computer control issues. This exclusively unique course will show the technician how to maximize the data they retrieve with their scan tool to allow them a seamless transition when attaching their scopes to the circuitry for in-depth […]

AVI Live Webinar: Essentials of Performance Tuning: Mysteries of Fuel Injection

Archived Webinar – In this webinar Ron Bilyeu discusses all aspects of high performance electronic fuel injection. He will cover everything from air flow into the engine by way of an aftermarket intake or throttle body, to fuel delivery through big injectors or an aftermarket fuel pump. This webinar will equip you with the ability […]

AVI Live Webinar: Essentials of Performance Tuning: Take me to the P.R.O.M.

Archived Webinar – Given the fact that all modern vehicles are equipped with complex computers that dictate the general functionality and driving characteristics of that vehicle, it’s no surprise performance tuning has gained the amount of popularity it has. The fact of the matter is, even with light modifications like a cold air intake and/or […]

AVI Live Webinar: European Fuel Trim

Archived Webinar – Adaptation values, Lambda Integrator, Additive, and Multiplicative are terms Euro Techs uses for Fuel Trim issues. This webinar will clear up some confusion about using Additive or Multiplicative values in diagnostics. Why you need to road test, the vehicle to get the information you need. What PIDS in scan data that will […]

AVI Live Webinar: European Schematics

Archived Webinar – This webinar will help unravel the mysterious format in the EURO DIN wiring diagrams! We will cover Tips and Techniques to trace that circuit across the many pages that are common in this type of wiring diagram, allowing you to have a road map to get a handle on the problem. In […]

AVI Live Webinar: Firefighter Alternative Fuel Safety Training

Archived Webinar – A variety of factors in today’s transportation arena are making electric vehicles more common on our nation’s roadways. With increased electric vehicle use, the chance of these new technologies being involved in a vehicular accident also increases. Firefighters need to be trained on the differences between these vehicles and their conventionally-fueled counterparts […]

AVI Live Webinar: Getting the Most Out of Automotive Management Network

Archived Webinar – Running a shop is a never-ending cycle of preventing problems and looking for solutions. We will show you how to access hundreds of documents, tips, and management tools; and gain quick access to all the information you need to run a smooth, profitable shop by being part of the largest shop management […]

AVI Live Webinar: GM High Performance Tips and Techniques

Archived Webinar – Horsepower starts with increasing airflow into the engine.  From the Air Filter Assembly to the Intake Valve we will cover tips and tricks.  Some are parts and pieces that we have tested and utilized over the years to see fantastic results in making power; Once you have maximized air flow you have […]

AVI Live Webinar: Hybrid Tips and Techniques

Archived Webinar – Join us for this webinar on hybrids where we will be discussing The three main components of a hybrid vehicle , the battery pack, the motor generator and the inverter assemblies. We will give a brief discussion of how each of these are used in a hybrid vehicle and their purpose followed […]

AVI Live Webinar: Improving your Road-test Procedure for Fuel Trim Diagnostics

Archived Webinar – Air fuel related issues will always lead to fuel trim issues, and it doesn’t matter what type of oxygen sensor is used. Using scan tool data, this presentation will help you create your own fuel trim drive cycle to help determine PCM reaction to engine sensor inputs, creating a great starting point […]

AVI Live Webinar: Labscope For the New User

Archived Webinar — Setting up a Labscope and getting the pattern stable can be a daunting task for the new owner. How to set the Time, Voltage, and trigger is the first step in all testing. Testing the Five primary signal types found on vehicles Direct Current, Alternating current, Frequency, Pulse-Width, and Serial Data such […]

AVI Live Webinar: Lab Scope Functions

Archived Webinar – After attending this course, the student will have a thorough understanding of the use and interpretation of a lab scope along with mastering the skills of Setting up voltage scales, time base, trigger values and attaching the scope to a component to acquire a waveform. Topics Covered: Why Scopes? Terms and Definitions […]

AVI Live Webinar: Light Duty Diesel Problems and Solutions

Archived Webinar – The diesel engine is a popular option when your customer needs to tow a trailer. This class will contain the latest information on common failures and solutions for light duty diesel engines used in pickup and vans. This class will include information on Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke. You will learn common […]

AVI Live Webinar: Making Sense of European Fuel Trim

Archived Webinar – There are several inputs for data that a tech needs to be familiar with in diagnostics. The base six inputs and the major outputs are needed in all diagnostic testing. This webinar will cover the base inputs to the PCM and the related outputs and their normal ranges. What should a MAF […]

AVI Live Webinar: Misfires Causes & Effects

Archived Webinar – Misfires are not always Ignition related, there are three causes of misfires. We will cover the three causes and the effect that happen with misfires. Also, how to use the scan tool to gather more information than just the misfire counter to pinpoint the next step in the repair. Using Mode $06, […]

AVI Live Webinar: Move Over Millenials, Gen Z is Here

Archived Webinar – Sara will share her knowledge on attracting this generation as customers and employees. She will cover differences in communication and relationships and help you learn how to change your approach when managing, mentoring, and coaching Generation Z. We will focus on what has shaped this generation and how very different they are […]

AVI Live Webinar: Net Profit Crisis

Archived Webinar – Net profit is the money that ensures the future of your business. In times of crisis net profit is the money that supports the continuation of business. In addition, net profit leads to less stress, better health, and a positive environment. This webinar will illustrate the importance of focusing on the correct […]

AVI Live Webinar: Overview of Gasoline Direct Injection

Archived Webinar – GDI is a very common type of fuel systems used on today’s vehicles. This webinar will give the technician an overview of the system and components, we will discuss what the common repair issues are we face with this type of fuel system, and finally we will cover how to safely diagnose […]

AVI Live Webinar: PCM Strategies

Archived Webinar – In this webinar we will cover the real diagnostic powers of Mode 6 data, Looking at generic DTC’s with a diagnostic light. Specific systems and components within said systems and most importantly how these components/systems are designed to operate and how to test these circuits. Sample Pcm modes of operations, and a […]

AVI Live Webinar: Power of the Tuning Tool

Archived Webinar – A new and exciting benefit to your shop.  More than a tool that can change tables and scalers to make more horsepower.  Tire sizing for large tires on trucks.  Anti Theft system diagnostics.  Delete Air Fuel Management System (DOD). Governor Control, Fan Control settings and much much more. Don’t forget you are […]

AVI Live Webinar: Profit Strategy Influencers

Archived Webinar – You need to understand the realities of what really affects your profits. Every decision is influenced by something. Frequently those influences have a negative impact on profit. This webinar will focus on properly pricing labor and parts sales. With an emphasis on making positive influencers a priority. Original Air Date – August […]

AVI Live Webinar: Reprogramming and Flashing

Archived Webinar – This course will cover SAE J2534 programming and OEM programming. Also, the different types of pitfalls you may encounter when going through the reprogramming process. John Forro will discuss the different types of tools needed and the pros and cons of each tool and the expenses. John will also cover the new […]

AVI Live Webinar: Scan Tool Data – How to Make the Most of It

Archived Webinar – There are several inputs for data that a tech needs to be familiar with in diagnostics. The base six inputs and the major outputs are needed in all diagnostic testing. This webinar will cover the base inputs to the PCM and the related outputs and their normal ranges. What should a MAF […]

AVI Live Webinar: Scan Tool PID Interpretation & Tips

Archived Webinar – This course is for the beginner and intermediate technician looking to be able to better interpret the PID information the scan tool is displaying to make diagnosing drivability concerns easier.  We also give several other tips concerning scan data within this course.  This is a great lead in course for our advanced […]

AVI Live Webinar: Silver Bullets

Archived Webinar – What is a Silver Bullet?  A silver bullet is a common problem or pattern failure that I have seen multiple times while repairing vehicles at my shop. I recommend to use Silver Bullets much like you would a TSB. It is not a replacement for system understanding or diagnostics, but rather a […]

AVI Live Webinar: The Electrical Triangle

Archived Webinar – Your scan tool displays data are you sure that it’s correct? In this class, we will cover the sensor and electrical testing procedure to verify the proper sensor function. The three things you always need to check on the sensor. How to use the triangle to determine your next step in diagnostics. […]

AVI Live Webinar: The In’s and Out’s of Mode 6

Archived Webinar – We will discuss what mode 6 is, how it can be found on your scan tool, and how it has changed over the years. Then we will discuss how to use mode 6 to its fullest potential during diagnostics. Original Air Date – June 12, 2020

AVI Live Webinar: TPMS Diagnostics

Archived Webinar – This webinar will discuss the need for TPMS and how these various systems are designed to work. We also cover diagnostic procedures and several real-world servicing tips when working on these systems. Original Air Date – June 22, 2020

AVI Live Webinar: Triage Diagnostics

Archived Webinar – This class takes the focus on quick assessment of drive ability problems. It will use the minimum cost involved to diagnose problems on the vehicle. We will cover what tools will work to get the car fixed fast and correctly. Also, how to determine what is working and what is not. You […]

AVI Live Webinar: What Kind of Diagnostic Detective Are You?

Archived Webinar – Are you the Sherlock Holmes of your shop or are you Dr. Watson? Using Deductive Logic and Observation can increase your skills for finding the causes of DTC and symptoms with better accuracy. We will cover what items should be added to the diagnostic procedure to increase your skills. Pattern failures can […]

AVI Live Webinar: What You Need To Know About Turbochargers

Archived Webinar – Ron covers tips and tricks for what you need to know about turbochargers. Original Air Date – May 15, 2020


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