Blended Learning For Success By AVI Curriculum Director Jerry Stewart

June 3, 2024

Students may be harder to reach now more than ever with all the distractions that are present in today’s environment. Learning has changed from the early days of the traditional classroom; attention spans have decreased. It is challenging to find innovative ways to reach our students. We need more than one teaching method at our disposal. Interactive web-based programs should be included so the student has access to learning 24/7. The classroom must be flipped so the students are asking the questions rather than the instructor just delivering content. Collaboration should be encouraged by placing students into groups to discuss topics and strategies. Each group should collaborate with other groups. An example of this would be to take a vehicle problem and let each group develop a diagnostic routine. Their diagnostic plans can now be discussed in the classroom with the instructor. Classroom instruction should be filled with hands-on exercises. When a new concept is taught there should be a question-and-answer session about how that concept is used by the technician in a shop and why the technician needs to know that concept. As soon as the concept has been taught, we need to involve a hands-on exercise to prove out the concept.


Teaching concept: How Alternators (Generators) Work

  • Students take an interactive web-based course like the ASE-A6 Test Prep course which includes alternators (generators).
  • Teacher ask questions and takes questions from students about interactive module
  • Teacher points out more details in a short 10-minute presentation about alternators
  • Students disassemble alternator and label all parts
  • Instructor gives details of how the rotor must become an electromagnet using a field circuit
  • Students build a regulated field circuit and apply it to slip rings creating an electromagnetic effect in the rotor.
  • Students take their new knowledge of how an alternator works and apply that knowledge by testing a charging system on a vehicle using an ASE worksheet.

This teaching style keeps the student involved and interested and creates a positive learning environment.


ASE-A6 Test Prep Electrical and Electronic Systems with Dave Hobbs

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