SMP Diagnosing Modern Valve Actuation

In recent years, there have been significant changes in valve actuation systems. Variable valve timing has been used by manufacturers for over a decade, but problems can still prove to be difficult to diagnose. Variable lift, commonly used by Honda for years, is now being used by other manufacturers and poses a diagnostic issue for technicians. Displacement on-demand systems have been embraced by more manufacturers and can bring diagnostic challenges as well. The goal of this class is to prepare the aftermarket technician to be successful in troubleshooting faults with variable cam timing, variable cam lift, and variable displacement systems. Technicians will learn how to identify these systems, understand and test their operation, and accurately diagnose problems. Technicians will also learn how the MultiAir system works and how to troubleshoot faults. After completing this class, a technician will be able to:
  • Understand variable valve timing operation
  • Identify the components and their functions
  • Interpret cam position data in the data stream
  • Diagnose variable valve timing faults accurately
  • Understand the MultiAir system used by Chrysler
  • Identify the components and their functions
  • Diagnose MultiAir faults accurately
  • Understand variable valve lift operation and their variations
  • Understand variable cylinder displacement operation
  • Identify the components and their functions