SMP Asian Import Drivability

These popular vehicles bring numerous unique system controls and diagnostics to the table. However, misfires, codes, and other symptoms must be diagnosed. In this class we will explore a variety of these systems which can cause faults and apply tried and true diagnostic techniques to solving real world problems through a variety of case studies. The goal of this class is to prepare aftermarket technician to diagnose a variety of faults on Asian import vehicles. This will improve work flow and accuracy. During the class we will demonstrate diagnostic procedures using basic tools the will enable the technician to diagnose these faults quickly and accurately. After attending this class, the technician will be able to:
  • Diagnose CKP and CMP sensor faults
  • Diagnose Coil On Plug ignition systems
  • Understand and diagnose Air/Fuel Ratio sensors
  • Perform EVAP leak testing on Asian vehicles
  • Diagnose CAN bus faults on Asian vehicles