LBT-277 Making Money Servicing TPMS with Karl Schneider


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If a vehicle leaves your shop with the TPMS light on or flashing, you could be fined an upwards of $10,000. Every vehicle since 2008 has been equipped with TPMS in accordance to new government regulations, so this monitoring system has grown rapidly in population and has great potential to make quick maintenance sales that are now imperative to every vehicles general function.

This course, presented by Karl Schneider, covers everything you need to know about TPMS. Karl covers the shop’s legal responsibilities that come with TPMS and how to avoid expensive ramifications. He goes over the three types of sensors you will encounter, how to diagnose and service these types. As a wrap-up, Karl conducts some hands-on case studies that will have you feeling confident in your knowledge of properly servicing TPMS.

Also Covered:

  • TPMS Regulations
  • Sensor Batteries
  • Sensor Frequency
  • TPMS Identification
  • Servicing TPMS
  • Ford Focus Case Study
  • Toyota 4Runner Case Study
  • Chevy Cruz Case Study
  • Camry Hybrid Case Study

Runtime: 60 minutes

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