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In Connecting and Communicating, Charlie shows you how you can achieve Momentos Muy Simpatico with your customers, and your team members—delivering lots of customer loyalty, a tenacious and committed team, repeat referral business, and super-charged profitability. This product is specifically tailored for the automotive industry.

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Profitable companies enjoy high levels of customer retention and are joined at the hip with the people with whom they do business. These companies measure the quality of these relationships at every point of contact. Charlie Fewell suggests customer connectedness is measured in momentos: muy simpatico momentos.

The word simpatico does not translate perfectly into English. The closest we would come is with the word empathy. But simpatico has the added flavor of the interconnectedness or the importance of understanding and appreciating the other person’ perspective. The entire phrase means creating a very empathetic moment. The goal is to create muy simpatico momentos at every point of interaction where a representative of the organization is interfacing with the customer. If these moments can be maximized, the value of the interaction will deepen the relationship in a way that results in repeat business, referrals, and the development of a customer for life. In this presentation, participants will learn the behaviors and the language that create these moments.

Runtime: 1 hour

Course approved for 2 AMI credit hours


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