Gasoline Direct Injection


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Gasoline direct injection is used on most new vehicles and requires a different approach to diagnosis and service. GDI systems have specific failures and require an understanding of how they work and how to test them when they set a code. In this class, we will dig into these systems and demonstrate common failures, code diagnosis, scan data interpretation, and service procedures. We will diagnose broken vehicles and help you to streamline your diagnosis of these popular systems.

The goal of this class is to prepare the aftermarket technician for diagnosing and repairing gasoline direct injection systems safely and correctly.

After completing this class, a technician will:

  • Understand the evolution of fuel systems
  • Understand the benefits of direct injection
  • Understand the direct-port combo injection systems purpose
  • Understand direct injection fueling modes
  • Understand and be able to diagnose the low-pressure system
  • Understand and be able to diagnose the high-pressure system
  • Be aware of the primary cause of carbon buildup on the intake valve and how to address it
  • Be able to properly handle direct injection components during repairs to other systems
  • Be able to replace fuel injectors or their seals
  • Be able to replace the high-pressure pump
  • Understand the complex control of fuel injectors and how to scope the control circuits