Humphrey Learning Path Bundle – General Automotive Technology

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This bundle consists of the following courses:

  • 609 Certification training
  • AP-9 Meter usage and electrical circuit testing
  • ASE G1 Test Prep: Auto maintenance and light repairs
  • CCP-003 Fuel Pump Overview
  • CCP-004 Better cleaning for better performance
  • CCP-005 Why R-1234yf
  • CCP-006 Understanding diesel exhaust fluid systems
  • CCp-007 Oil: The importance of additives and viscosity
  • CCP-008 What is a MAP Sensor
  • Delphi training series: Batter up with battery technology
  • Delphi training series: Diagnosing to win with fuel trim
  • Delphi training series: Keeping the spark alive
  • Delphi training series: MAF and the modern tech
  • Delphi training series: Mastering meters and advanced electronics
  • Delphi training series: No fooling the fuel delivery
  • Delphi training series: Steering clear of undercar misdiagnosis
  • EPT-001 Essentials of performance tuning: Take me to the P.R.O.M.
  • EPT-002 Essentials of performance tuning: Mysteries of fuel injection
  • Lubricants and filtration technologies – The slippery slope
  • LBT-54 Ignition system testing w/Coil-on-plug and misfire detection
  • LBT-55 Enhanced ignition systems
  • LBT-74 Mastering the Mastertech
  • LBT-75 Computer engine data modes
  • LBT-83 Fuelish Tips
  • LBT-84 Getting technical with your tech 2
  • LBT-142 GM Smart Charge systems
  • LBT-146 Functional Scan Tool Testing
  • LBT-151 Dirty Dozen
  • LBT-159 Genisys 3.0 Navigation
  • LBT-166 Using the Ford IDS
  • LBT-177 Fuel Trim Diagnostics
  • LBT-188 MACS AC Clinic
  • LBT-196 Genisys EVO
  • LBT-202 Misfire Diagnostics
  • LBT-204 Automatic Transmission Diagnostics
  • LBT-205 Pegisys Essential Techniques Training
  • LBT-213 Fuel System Testing Strategies
  • LBT-218 Using your Tech2
  • LBT-224 AC Best recommend practices
  • LBT-227 Why J2788 Standard
  • LBT-230 OTC TPMS
  • LBT-243 Quick check diagnostics
  • LBT-257 Future power: Advanced technologies in batteries, starting and charging systems
  • LBT-267 Genisys 5.0 Training
  • LBT-269 Wiring schematics interpretation
  • LBT-272 MACS AC temperature testing
  • LBT-275 Computer engine data using Autel Maxisys
  • LBT -277 Making money servicing TPMS
  • LBT-283 The diagnostic approach
  • LBT-295 Variable valve timing
  • LBT-306 “Who Killed Dr. Stoichiometric:
  • LBT-328 Mastering the Variables of Variable Displacement
  • LBT-334 Diagnostic mindset
  • LS-2 ABS and stability control systems
  • LS-4 Practical TPMS Service
  • LS-5 In-vehicle battery / starter / alternator diagnostics
  • LS-6 Intermittent misfire detection strategies
  • LS-8 Computer engine data
  • LS-9 Wiring schematics interpretation
  • LS-16 Fuel system diagnostic starting point
  • LS-34 ABS-enhanced stability systems, operation, analysis and repair
  • LS-37 Essential skills for electrical diagnosis
  • LS-39 O2 Sensors: Wide vs Narrow Band
  • LS-49 Unlock the power of global OBD2 for European vehicles
  • LS-53 Fundamentals of TPMS
  • R-1234yf Online Training
  • Tire warranty program


609 Certification Training

ARCHIVED BROADCAST – The Section 609 Certification Training Program is produced by AVI with support from MACS, the Mobile Air Conditioning Society, and contains the information you will need to […]

AP-9 Meter Usage and Electrical Circuit Testing with Dave Hobbs

This class provides detailed explanations, applications and practical uses when utilizing your multimeter in everyday situations. Instructor Dave Hobbs presents an array of Fluke meters illustrating intermediate and advanced operations, buttonology, and functionality through hands on exercises.

ASE-G1 Test Prep Auto Maintenance and Light Repair

Make the most of your study time with AVI’s ASE Test Prep Courses written by ASE Certified Master Technicians!

CCP-003 Fuel Pump Overview

ARCHIVED QUICK TIP – Many of you have sold fuel pumps in the past, but have you ever wondered how it works and what causes a fuel pump to fail […]

CCP-004 Better Cleaning for Better Performance

ARCHIVED QUICK TIP – Sometimes, parts customers searching for improved engine performance don’t know which cleaner to use and/or how to use it properly. This HD broadcast will help you […]

CCP-005 Why R-1234yf?

ARCHIVED QUICK TIP – This program explains why vehicle manufacturers worldwide are phasing out R-134a and switching to R-1234yf. Study Hours: 0.25

CCP-006 Understanding Diesel Exhaust Fluid Systems

ARCHIVED QUICK TIP – Today’s common rail diesel vehicles are equipped with after-treatment systems to reduce tailpipe emissions. Most of you have sold Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) at some point […]

CCP-007 Oil: The Importance of Additives and Viscosity

ARCHIVED BROADCAST – As a professional parts counter person, you need to help your customers choose the proper oil for their vehicle and driving habits. Oil in modern vehicles doesn’t […]

CCP-008 What Is A MAP Sensor

ARCHIVED BROADCAST – As a parts counter person, you probably sell a lot of MAP sensors. But do you really know what it is and its function? Bosch instructor Jim Wilson […]

Delphi Training Series: Diagnosing GDI – Gas Direct Injection

Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs brings you up close and personal to the workings of both the low pressure and high pressure sides of GDI systems along with live scan tool and lab scope diagnostic tips.

Delphi Training Series: Diagnosing to Win With Fuel Trim

Fuel trim (FT) data is the automotive equivalent of a medical “CT Scan” of combustion event efficiency. Much has been written on the subject of fuel trim, yet much is still not understood regarding the causes of those high and low numbers.

Delphi Training Series: Keep the Spark Alive – Ignition Coil Diagnostics

Problems ranging from misfires to no-starts can be related to ignition coil problems. Getting a C.O.P. (Coil-On-Plug) diagnosis right the first time can be difficult if you don’t have every trick and tip at your disposal.

Delphi Training Series: MAF and the Modern Tech

Faulty MAF sensors often set a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) but that’s not always the case, leading to excess frustration in the service bay.

Delphi Training Series: Mastering Meters & Advanced Electronics Diagnostics

Veteran Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs provides you with advanced meter functions, an introduction to advanced electronic concepts including current draw testing, intermediate and advanced lab scopes, finding intermittent ground and connection problems and diagnosing EMI/RFI issues.

Delphi Training Series: No Fooling Fuel Delivery

This diagnostic program will help you make more sense out of fuel related drivability problems on conventional (sequential) fuel injection and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) Internal Combustion Engine (I.C.E.) unique drivability concerns.

Delphi Training Series: Steering Clear of Undercar Misdiagnosis

In this program we’ll give you the scoop on steering and suspension systems essentials along with helpful diagnostic tips to keep your customers driving straight and riding smooth.

EPT-001 Essentials of Performance Tuning: Take me to the P.R.O.M.

Given the fact that all modern vehicles are equipped with complex computers that dictate the general functionality and driving characteristics of that vehicle, it’s no surprise performance tuning has gained […]

EPT-002 Essentials of Performance Tuning: Mysteries of Fuel Injection

This class will equip you with the ability to tune your high performance hot rod to get most out of any aftermarket application to get the best bang for your buck!

LBT-54 Ignition System Testing w/Coil-on-Plug & Misfire Detection with Bill Fulton

In this course Bill tackles primary and secondary ignition patterns and other topics that apply to all makes and modes of vehicles.

LBT-55 Enhanced Ignition Systems with Bill Fulton

Primary and secondary ignition patterns are vital for every tech to know. AVI and instructor Bill Fulton show you how to use a lab scope to troubleshoot issues with ignition […]

LBT-74 Mastering the Mastertech with Bob Augustine

Bob shows you how to use all the “Hot Keys” and how to use frequency and pulse width monitoring. He explains why and when to use the bay test and A/C relay test. He covers the crank relearn test, re-flashing, ABS bleed procedure, tire size recalibration and customizing and saving parameters.

LBT-75 Computer Engine Data Modes with Ron Bilyeu

If you are using a Snap-On® MT2500™, Snap-Link®, Snap-On® MODIS™, lab scope or a graphing multimeter in your shop, this program could help you use your equipment more efficiently and […]

LBT-83 Fuelish Tips with Jim Linder

AVI and the “Injector Guru” Jim Linder can help you perform fuel injection service more efficiently and effectively so you can make more money doing it. Don’t be foolish when […]

LBT-84 Getting Technical with Your Tech 2 with Bob Augustine

Bob Augustine of Vetronix knows his diagnostic equipment and he can help you really get to know your tech 2. Without his expertise you may never know all the awesome […]

LBT-142 GM Smart Charge Systems with Dave Hobbs

GM’s regulated voltage control systems changed in 1994 when they began using the BCM and the PCM. Before you try to tackle these newer GM systems you should refresh your […]

LBT-146 Functional Scan Tool Testing with Jim Wilson

Most techs only use 10-15 percent of what scan tools are capable of. In this training program Instructor Jim Wilson show you how to go deeper in your tool for […]

LBT-151 Dirty Dozen with Doug Garriott

12 of  most problematic fuel injectors. Doug includes what vehicles they were used in, the most typical problem, test specs for them with the results you should see, and the […]

LBT-159 Genisys 3.0 Navigation with Jim Wilson

AVI can help you get an immediate return on your diagnostic investment. Jim Wilson will take your beyond the basic navigation of your Genisys 3.0 so you can get the […]

LBT-166 Using the Ford IDS with Mark DeKoster

The Ford Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS) is a very complex laptop based system. That is why AVI presents this in-depth program with Mark DeKoster so you can learn the features […]

LBT-177 Fuel Trim Diagnostics with Jim Wilson

With the cost of fuel today, gas mileage is more important to your customers than ever. Have you had customers complaining of lost engine power and poor fuel economy? Would […]

LBT-188 MACS AC Clinic with Paul DeGuiseppi

This program shows you how reprogramming and re flashing fits into the world of A/C. It covers hose repair and hose making, new tools such as new leak detectors and J-2788 and new refrigerants and systems on the horizon. Paul also provides over 30 minutes of MACS quick tips including the cooling systems affect on A/C, import testing, diesel, fan clutches and more.

LBT-196 Genisys EVO with Jim Wilson

You invested in the latest OTC scan tool, now learn how to use it. This class goes beyond buttonology to show you all that you can do with this tool […]

LBT-202 Misfire Diagnostics with Jim Wilson

Some of the most frustrating codes for a technician to handle are the p 300s. This class illustrates how to reduce your diagnostic time by teaching you how to utilize […]

LBT-204 Automatic Transmission Diagnostics: Scanner Tips with Wayne Colonna

Have you ever had a problem properly diagnosing vehicle transmission related issues due to constantly varied scan tool parameters and procedures? ATSG’s Wayne Colonna is here to help you by […]

LBT-205 Pegisys Essential Techniques Training with Jim Wilson

Instructor Jim Wilson covers most of the basic functions of how to navigate and perform common diagnostic tests using the Pegisys Scan Tool. Learn how to use your Pegisys in […]

LBT-213 Fuel System Testing Strategies with Bill Fulton

Bill covers lean code diagnostics, injector drive signals, catalyst failure detection strategies, global scan data diagnostics, and the GM fuel enable mode.

LBT-218 Using Your Tech2 with Bob Pattengale

The Tech II training program with Bob Pattengale is for you whether you just bought the tool, or have been using it forever and want to stay current with the latest software and gain new skills. The program covers things like using the Tech 2 and the new MDI with the GDS software, advanced navigation, RPO codes and more.

LBT-224 A/C Best Recommended Practices with Bob Pattengale

This program is intended to cover the fundamentals of what makes the A/C system work on newer vehicles and the best recommended procedures for diagnosis and repair. Bob will help you avoid the common, costly mistakes that affect your bottom line. He will cover things like identifying refrigerants, recharging the system, replacing components and purging air from the system.

LBT-227 Why J2788 Standard with Bob Pattengale

What if you could save 30 minutes each day in the shop? Do you have some areas in the shop where you might be wasting a little bit of time? […]

LBT-230 OTC TPMS with Jim Wilson

OTC’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System course covers the essential training you need to service TPMS installed tires. Jim Wilson guides you through the fundamentals of the OTC TPR tool and […]

LBT-243 Quick Check Diagnostics With Jim Wilson

This covers a step by step approach to engine diagnostics: analytical troubleshooting---where to start, preliminary tests you can do to be the most accurate with your diagnostic time ---- deciding which tool is best to use for which type of job.

LBT-257 Future Power: Advanced Technologies in Batteries, Starting & Charging Systems with Dave Hobbs

Instructor Dave Hobbs covers all the latest information & technology including anti-theft systems. Modern vehicles rely on communication between computers and modules that operate everything. A properly maintained battery is essential to power these systems. In fact, some batteries are so sensitive to being overcharged one can do damage with their shops battery charger.

LBT-267 Genisys 5.0 Training with Jim Wilson

In this program we cover all the essentials of using your Genisys 5.0 tool. We cover the biggest features of the tool to help you diagnose the vehicle that comes […]

LBT-269 Wiring Schematics Interpretation

Get familiarized with all the different symbols used in schematics, not only on American cars but German vehicles as well. Learn how to accurately read a schematic and locate certain systems throughout any vehicle quickly and with confidence. Look over Peter Orlando’s shoulder as he goes over “Common Point” diagnostics, critical thinking and his famous “Three Power Point Process.”

LBT-272 MACS A/C Temperature Testing

This is a fast-paced, hour-long training class on determining variations in refrigerant charge using precise measurements of temperature. In this video, Steven Schaeber of MACS teaches you how to measure temperatures from the inlet to outlet ports on various HVAC components and explains how this can be applied when determining the malfunction of any A/C system.

LBT-275 Computer Engine Data Using Your AUTEL MaxiSYS

In this course, Ron Bilyeu takes you through the ins and outs of reading and understanding computer engine data and how to apply that data to real world diagnostics.

LBT-277 Making Money Servicing TPMS with Karl Schneider

This course, presented by Karl Schneider, covers everything you need to know about TPMS. Karl covers the shop’s legal responsibilities that come with TPMS and how to avoid expensive ramifications. He goes over the three types of sensors you will encounter, how to diagnose and service these types.

LBT-283 The Diagnostic Approach with Ron Bilyeu

This course is taught by instructor and master data analyst Ron Bilyeu who will take you through a comprehensive approach to diagnosing drivability using computer data. Identify if the issue is breathing, fuel or ignition and how to diagnose using scan data for those systems. The information in this course can be applied to domestic and import applications.

LBT-295 Variable Valve Timing Ron Bilyeu

This is an advanced class that covers how to diagnose Variable Valve Timing issues in detail for Domestic & Asian vehicles. VVT codes can be confusing, and there are numerous issues that can be encountered when diagnosing these systems.

LBT-299 Lubricants and Filtration Technologies – The Slippery Slope

This class will help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your customers happy with cleaner engines and fewer catastrophic failures. This class also includes information on how to sell oil service in today's marketplace.

Private: LBT-306 “Who Killed Dr. Stoichiometric: Engine Performance Essentials”

Presented by industry leading trainers, this course features 5 training tasks.

LBT-328 Mastering the Variables of Variable Displacement

Variable displacement is here to stay, and in this course from the Delphi Technologies Training Series, instructor Dave Hobbs will discuss the similarities and differences between the manufacturers and how they approach variable displacement technology.

LBT-334 Diagnostic Mindset

What if we took a different approach?  An approach that consists of viewing a handful of PID’s on our scan tool to determine in which system listed above the problem originates.  That is exactly what this program does. 

LS-2 ABS and Stability Control Systems Livestream with Bob Pattengale

ABS, stability, traction control and everything in-between to get those pesky problems with automatic braking and emergency assist repaired right and out of your bay in no-time.

LS-4 Practical TPMS Service with Mike Rose

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – Mike Rose, TPMS Product Manager for Bartec will host this class on TPMS service and technology direct from Bartec’s TPMS Roadmap “The Six Steps to TPMS Success”, […]

LS-5 In-Vehicle Battery/Starter/Alternator Diagnostics with Dan Cox

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – Presented by Dan Cox, Technical Support Manager for Midtronics, Inc. Along with some basic electrical system diagnostics, many of the changes the automotive industry is seeing from […]

LS-6 Intermittent Misfire Detection Strategies with Bill Fulton

Long-time AVI instructor Bill Fulton brings you a live, steaming course on how to attack these flaky, intermittent faults step-by-step.

LS-8 Computer Engine Data – Make Testing Quicker with Ron Bilyeu

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – October 8th 2014: In this course, Ron Bilyue takes you through the ins and outs of reading and understanding computer engine data and how to apply that data to […]

LS-9 Wiring Schematics Interpretation

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – This is a special Live Stream course because it is going to be live from the AVI Conference in Las Vegas. That’s right we are packing up […]

LS-16 Fuel System Diagnostic Starting Point with Jim Wilson

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – Are you making the best use of your valuable diagnostic time? In this session, you will learn a tried and true method of determining how the PCM is […]

LS-34 ABS – Enhanced Stability Systems, Operation, Analysis, and Repair

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – This class will cover ABS operational systems including traction control and enhanced stability systems. Mark DeKoster will teach you common failures, inspection techniques and what to look for, and […]

LS-37 Essential Skills for Electrical Diagnostics

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – You’ve taken an electrical class with electron theory and all those ohm’s law formulas, but it left you confused. How will this information really help me fix an […]

LS-39 O2 Sensors: Wide vs Narrow Band

Learn how to use the scan tool and the scope to monitor operation and test 02 sensors to assist in analyzing drivability concerns.

LS-49 Unlock the Power of Global OBD2 for European Vehicles

The solution is fully understanding the power of Global OBD2 and this HD streaming event, sponsored by Bosch and presented by Jim Wilson, will provide the information needed to successfully use a Global OBD2 scan tool on European vehicles.

LS-53 Fundamentals of TPMS

Instructor Mark DeKoster helps you make faster, more accurate repairs with great information contained in this course.

R-1234yf Online Training

This training program consists of three short videos hosted by Paul DeGuiseppi, former manager of service training for the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS). It will cover system servicing of […]

Tire Warranty Program

The Counter Training 101 Program with Bill Haas covers multiple aspects of work as a Counter Care Professional.

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