Diagnostic Learning Path Bundle

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Diagnostic Learning Path Bundle

Do you have several years experience in the automotive industry? Check out our Diagnostic Learning Path Bundle. This specialized Intermediate bundle will help you gain the knowledge you need to further your career in the automotive industry. This bundle contains the following courses:


LBT-145 10 Minute Scope Check with Bill Fulton

This program shows you what to look for and how to make decisions on weak cylinders. Bill shows you tests with your DSO to pinpoint misfire causes that you can’t do with a scanner. This course also helps end the confusion by giving you scope settings for testing/voltage, time, slopes and trigger source.

LBT-202 Misfire Diagnostics with Jim Wilson

Some of the most frustrating codes for a technician to handle are the p 300s. This class illustrates how to reduce your diagnostic time by teaching you how to utilize […]

LBT-212 Anatomy of a Waveform with Bill Fulton

In Anatomy of the Waveform, Bill covers the diagnostic value of a secondary ignition waveform on DI, DIS, COP systems and a compression waveform viewed dynamically with the engine running using a DSO and pressure transducer.

LBT-229 Intermittent Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Instructor Bill Fulton will go through more than 15 different intermittent problems that he has seen in his years of testing and diagnosing today’s cars. Each test case shows varieties of intermittent failures.

LBT-233 Victory Over Voltage Drops with Dave Hobbs

Victory Over Voltage Drops is your training solution to diagnosing one of the most common intermittent electrical problems within any vehicle's electrical system. Whether it's Powertrain, Chassis or Body systems related – or whether the problem resides in a power, ground or signal circuit - excessive voltage drops can be frustrating to track down.

LBT-243 Quick Check Diagnostics With Jim Wilson

This covers a step by step approach to engine diagnostics: analytical troubleshooting---where to start, preliminary tests you can do to be the most accurate with your diagnostic time ---- deciding which tool is best to use for which type of job.

LBT-270 Parasitic Current Draw with Dave Hobbs

In this video, AVI teams up with Delphi instructor and electrical mastermind, Dave Hobbs to bring you the most comprehensive class on parasitic battery drains on the market. Dave will guide you through the entire diagnosis process, step by step and in order to make sure you have confirmed the customer complaint all the way to verifying the repair.

LBT-275 Computer Engine Data Using Your AUTEL MaxiSYS

In this course, Ron Bilyeu takes you through the ins and outs of reading and understanding computer engine data and how to apply that data to real world diagnostics.

LBT-293 Mastering the Module Flash by Dave Hobbs

Join instructor Dave Hobbs in this training program on mastering the module flash! Dave will cover the J2534 standard for module flashing, how to determine if your customer needs a flash, the tips and tricks for actually flashing a vehicle, and finally how to follow-up a successful flash.

LBT-301 Mysteries Of Gasoline Direct Injection

This class covers A to Z on Gasoline Direct Injection. The Instructor dissects the mechanical and electrical components in this high-pressure fuel delivery system, explains the benefits and drawbacks and examines the differences in manufacturers.

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