This course covers the practical ins and outs of low and high-voltage electricity theory through lecture and examination of electric vehicle components. Your instructor will show proper testing and servicing procedures involved with traditional 12-volt systems and the newer high voltage components found in electric vehicles.

High voltage components covered in this course include the HV battery pack, inverter assembly, converter assembly, electric air conditioning compressor, and Motor generators 1 and 2. A heavy emphasis will be placed on safety as well as real-world diagnostic testing and repair procedures.

This course is ideal for both the new student looking to learn about basic electrical theory and the more advanced technician seeking knowledge on high-voltage systems in modern electric vehicles.

  • Communicate how a battery works
  • Define electrical terminology
  • Illustrate Ohms law
  • Generalize how fuses operate
  • Contrast series and parallel circuits
  • Illustrate the operation of multimeters
  • Recall basic electrical components
  • Communicate on how to test electrical circuits
  • Relate how vehicle charging systems work
  • Explain alternating current (AC) vs. direct current (DC)
  • Underline the tools for working with electricity (DC)