This course is full of information on theory, diagnosis, and repair of engine performance systems in vehicles, with actual demo testing and practical service demonstrations along with helpful tips and tricks.

Practical instruction and use of Scan Tools and Lab Scopes will be presented throughout this course, showing their traditional use and instruction on advanced techniques to take your diagnostic skills to the next level.

  • Sense and adjust Theory
  • Testing sensors/wiring and PC circuits
  • Specific component testing
  • 6-main inputs and why
  • Diagnosing Intermittent faults
  • PCM operating modes
  • Trouble code diagnostics
  • Utilizing Mode 6
  • Diagnosing those vague codes such as P0300-P0440-and cat eff. Codes
  • Making your scope/scan tool and pressure transducer work for you!
  • Diagnostics go/no go tests
  • Acquiring a diagnostic path before leaving the driver’s seat
  • Programming
  • Data bus Communications
  • Utilizing Drivability Calculators such as Volumetric Efficiency and fuel trim in your diagnostics