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This class, along with the accompanying handout provides function and operation along with a step by step disassembly and reassemble of the entire JF011-E transmission. The handout also includes wiring diagrams, connector views, detailed valve body information, hydraulics, part numbers, torque specifications and bulletins. A complete, one and only training package on the JF011-E transmission.  The JF011E is a CVT for medium size FWD vehicles and can be found in Dodge and Jeep (CVT2), Mitsubishi (F1C1A) and Nissan vehicles (RE0F10A).

Topics Covered:

  • Transmission function
  • Rebuild tips
  • Bulletins
  • Transmission disassembly and reassembly
  • Rebuild procedures for:
    • Valve body
    • Pump
    • Forward and reverse clutch assembly
    • Differential
    • Primary and secondary pulleys
  • The accompanying manual includes all the above plus:
    • Pressure specifications
    • Wiring diagrams
    • Diagnostic code list
    • Part numbers and specifications

Runtime: 2 hours

Note: The course manual is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online. This course is not included in the All Access Pass


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