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Bill Fulton, director of Ohio Automotive Technology and longtime instructor for AVI, has been developing training content for the automotive repair aftermarket for over 30 years. AVI is now able to offer all of Ohio Automotive Technology’s content to the aftermarket. The purchase of this bundle consisting of 19 classes will give you access to these courses online for 2 years for a one time investment of $499.95. As new courses are developed, they will be added to this bundle and you will have access to them for the duration of your subscription.


Scope & waveform

Exhaust & EVAP

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LBT-54 Ignition System Testing w/Coil-on-Plug & Misfire Detection with Bill Fulton

In this course Bill tackles primary and secondary ignition patterns and other topics that apply to all makes and modes of vehicles.

LBT-114 GM Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems with Bill Fulton

This course will give you great tips on intermittent problems that drive you crazy and need-to-know information on the pass-key module re-learn procedures without using a scanner.

LBT-134 Vacuum Waveform Integrity Testing with Bill Fulton

This program with Bill Fulton explains what peak vacuum is and how to use peak vacuum and vacuum transducers for diagnostics. He explains how to compare cylinder bank to cylinder bank using vacuum waveforms and how to do cylinder leak down tests correctly.

LBT-145 10 Minute Scope Check with Bill Fulton

This program shows you what to look for and how to make decisions on weak cylinders. Bill shows you tests with your DSO to pinpoint misfire causes that you can’t do with a scanner. This course also helps end the confusion by giving you scope settings for testing/voltage, time, slopes and trigger source.

LBT-164 CAN Data Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Bill covers the new powertrain PIDS and the 40 uniform parameters of information that have made data easier to interpret on domestic and foreign vehicles. He tells you which mode will allow you to test high mileage vehicles and find lazy O2 sensors, which will also help your customers improve gas mileage.

LBT-172 Ford & Chrysler EVAP with Bill Fulton

Get your hands dirty with AVI Instructor Bill Fulton as he guides you through the Ford Enhanced and Non-Enhanced EVAP systems, as well as the Chrysler LDP and NVLD EVAP systems.

LBT-212 Anatomy of a Waveform with Bill Fulton

In Anatomy of the Waveform, Bill covers the diagnostic value of a secondary ignition waveform on DI, DIS, COP systems and a compression waveform viewed dynamically with the engine running using a DSO and pressure transducer.

LBT-213 Fuel System Testing Strategies with Bill Fulton

Bill covers lean code diagnostics, injector drive signals, catalyst failure detection strategies, global scan data diagnostics, and the GM fuel enable mode.

LBT-229 Intermittent Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Instructor Bill Fulton will go through more than 15 different intermittent problems that he has seen in his years of testing and diagnosing today’s cars. Each test case shows varieties of intermittent failures.

LBT-239 Gasoline Direct Injection with Bill Fulton

Bill covers the 5 operating modes of GDI, bi-directional controls, and critical labscope signals, as well as problems that can occur over time that you will need to service.

LBT-282 Chrysler On-Board Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Bill uses a scan tool to show the different kind of information that can be pulled from each communications system from the global and enhanced sides of the OBD port.

LBT-312 Advanced Scan Tool Testing Strategies

This course includes live on-car demonstrations, plus lots of case studies from a variety of makes and models.

LBT-313 Labscope Diagnostics Version 3.0

AVI instructor Bill Fulton updates his labscope diagnostic strategies with new case studies focusing on compression waveforms. Even those technicians who have been using their labscopes for years will acquire new tips and techniques for quicker and more accurate engine diagnostics.

LBT-322 Beyond Pattern Failures: Symptoms to System

Bill Fulton presents a diagnostic approach that starts with the symptom then moves to the system that may be causing the problem. Along the way, he shows how not to jump to conclusions based on “pattern failures”, and what to do when you have no P-codes.

LBT-323 Electrical Troubleshooting and Schematic Based Diagnostics

This HD Broadcast event from Bill Fulton will cover electrical troubleshooting and schematic based diagnostics.

LBT-325 GM Gasoline Direct Injection Systems with Variable Valve Timing Equipped Engines

In this course Bill Fulton will be covering high side and low side fuel systems, the injector drive circuit, current ramping the fuel pump and individual cylinder fuel control.

LS-6 Intermittent Misfire Detection Strategies with Bill Fulton

Long-time AVI instructor Bill Fulton brings you a live, steaming course on how to attack these flaky, intermittent faults step-by-step.

LBT-97 Enhanced Ford Scanner Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Bill Fulton and AVI are here to help with tough Ford OBD-II problems you may have. This program covers diagnostics on the full range of Ford systems.

LBT-119 Effective Scan Tool Tips for the Big 3 with Bill Fulton

Diagnostic expert Bill Fulton provides tips and solutions to help you solve drivability issues in domestic vehicles with your scan tool.

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