LBT-119 Effective Scan Tool Tips for the Big 3 with Bill Fulton


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Do you know everything your scan tool can do to diagnose drivability issues in Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles? Do you know all the functions and features of your scan tool? AVI can help you get to know your scan tool a little bit better.

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Diagnostic expert Bill Fulton provides tips and solutions to help you solve drivability issues in domestic vehicles with your scan tool. He gives you shortcuts to save you valuable time and diagnostic updates for the Big 3. He covers using the PCM grounds for diagnostics and how to use hot line voltage. This program provides tips for testing injectors, EGR, MAF and the fuel system and tips on intermittent rough idle complaints.

In this class Bill gives you the “Law of the Least Effort” and explains why you should always look at freeze frame/fail records. If you are a thinking technician then this is the program for you. There is not one wasted tip in the entire class.

  • Excessive EGR conditions – easy way to remove carbon
  • Why you should use continuous DTCs
  • Excellent tips on bi-directional testing for coils and injectors
  • Reading and using sync and relearn


Runtime: 1.25 hours
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