LBT-322 Beyond Pattern Failures: Symptoms to System


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ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST – In this program, “Beyond Pattern Failures”, instructor Bill Fulton presents a diagnostic approach that starts with the symptom then moves to the system that may be causing the problem. Along the way, he shows how not to jump to conclusions based on “pattern failures”, and what to do when you have no P-codes.

Topics covered include:

  • Network Testing
  • Load Calculations
  • Key On, Engine Off Sweep Testing
  • Code 31 Diagnosis & Performing An Idle Relearn
  • Validating Good & Bad TAC Motor Commands Using A Scanner
  • Time Saving Tips Using A COP Wand
  • Wide Range Air Fuel Ratio Sensors
  • Using Scan Data, Map Sensors & Rich Code
  • Diagnosing Lack Of Power and Misfires
  • Spark Duration During Idle No Load Conditions
  • Using Scope Pattern To Diagnose Misfire Under Load With No Codes
  • Cold Start Up & Poor Acceleration
  • The Importance of Using Ford’s Self-Test
  • and more!

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