Basic Essentials Learning Path Bundle

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Are you an automotive technician that is just starting out? This Specialized Basic Essentials Learning Path Bundle will help you gain the knowledge you need to further your career in the automotive industry. This bundle contains the following courses:


AP-9 Meter Usage and Electrical Circuit Testing with Dave Hobbs

This class provides detailed explanations, applications and practical uses when utilizing your multimeter in everyday situations. Instructor Dave Hobbs presents an array of Fluke meters illustrating intermediate and advanced operations, buttonology, and functionality through hands on exercises.

LBT-224 A/C Best Recommended Practices with Bob Pattengale

This program is intended to cover the fundamentals of what makes the A/C system work on newer vehicles and the best recommended procedures for diagnosis and repair. Bob will help you avoid the common, costly mistakes that affect your bottom line. He will cover things like identifying refrigerants, recharging the system, replacing components and purging air from the system.

LBT-257 Future Power: Advanced Technologies in Batteries, Starting & Charging Systems with Dave Hobbs

Instructor Dave Hobbs covers all the latest information & technology including anti-theft systems. Modern vehicles rely on communication between computers and modules that operate everything. A properly maintained battery is essential to power these systems. In fact, some batteries are so sensitive to being overcharged one can do damage with their shops battery charger.

LBT-269 Wiring Schematics Interpretation

Get familiarized with all the different symbols used in schematics, not only on American cars but German vehicles as well. Learn how to accurately read a schematic and locate certain systems throughout any vehicle quickly and with confidence. Look over Peter Orlando’s shoulder as he goes over “Common Point” diagnostics, critical thinking and his famous “Three Power Point Process.”

LBT-277 Making Money Servicing TPMS with Karl Schneider

This course, presented by Karl Schneider, covers everything you need to know about TPMS. Karl covers the shop’s legal responsibilities that come with TPMS and how to avoid expensive ramifications. He goes over the three types of sensors you will encounter, how to diagnose and service these types.

LBT-281 Making Money Servicing Hybrid Vehicles with Dave Hobbs

In this course, presented by Auto-Electric guru Dave Hobbs, basic Hybrid knowledge and service are addressed to give you the basic knowledge to start performing maintenance. We cover the different Hybrid vehicle types, how to quickly identify a hybrid and safety measures to make sure you don’t get harmed when fiddling around high voltage cables and battery packs.

LBT-283 The Diagnostic Approach with Ron Bilyeu

This course is taught by instructor and master data analyst Ron Bilyeu who will take you through a comprehensive approach to diagnosing drivability using computer data. Identify if the issue is breathing, fuel or ignition and how to diagnose using scan data for those systems. The information in this course can be applied to domestic and import applications.


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