LBT-257 Future Power: Advanced Technologies in Batteries, Starting & Charging Systems with Dave Hobbs


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Charging and starting systems are changing as fast as current model years roll out. What we used to do to test them doesn’t always apply to the new way of testing today’s vehicles. Instructor Dave Hobbs covers all the latest information & technology including anti-theft systems.

Modern vehicles rely on communication between computers and modules that operate everything. A properly maintained battery is essential to power these systems. In fact, some batteries are so sensitive to being overcharged one can do damage with their shops battery charger. This program will show you how to diagnose these issues and keep your skills up to date.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe today’s vehicle advanced starting and charging systems
  • List the different types of batteries available for today’s vehicles
  • Understand the importance of the vehicle’s battery health and the starting and charging systems
  • State proper external battery charging equipment
  • Perform hands-on battery testing
  • Define high voltage battery systems
  • Underline the differences in various original equipment manufacturer charging systems
  • Paraphrase vehicle starter system components and how they operate
  • Express knowledge on vehicle anti-theft systems

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