LBT-330 When The Internet Doesn’t Fix It


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ARCHIVED BROADCAST – As a technician, you may be occasionally searching the internet for tips or answers to certain problems, or worse yet, your customers walk in thinking they already know the answer because “I saw this guy on a video…”. While there is some good info on the web, there’s a lot of bad stuff, too.

Instructor Ron Bilyeu shows you some of the pitfalls of going directly to the internet versus using proper diagnostic procedures and professional industry information systems to fix vehicles right the first time.

Topics covered:

  • Why the Internet May Not Be the Answer
  • The Correct Professional Method
  • Using Your Scan Tool Data Wisely
  • Doing Proper Research – Manufacturer TSB’s & Professional Information Systems
  • Several Case Studies Where the Internet Was Wrong
  • Diagnostic Tips & Tricks to Shorten Repair Time

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe A Proper Professional Technician Step-By-Step Diagnostic Procedure
  • Perform A Professional Vehicle Inspection Before Repair
  • Describe The Value Of Information Obtained From The Customer
  • Identify Where Scan Tool Misfire Information Is Contained
  • Describe Proper Enable Criteria For Closed-Loop Fuel Control

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