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Delphi Training Series Bundle

It’s never too late to expand your horizons. This specialized bundle includes previously recorded Delphi sponsored LiveStream training hosted by veteran Delphi instructor, Dave Hobbs. Hold onto your wrenches, because this bundle will include four NEW Delphi LiveStreams that are currently in development.


2017 Hybrid Training Bundle

Welcome to AVI’s Hybrid training bundle, your first stop for gaining the knowledge required to start servicing Hybrids safely and with confidence.

From: $249.00 for 1 year

Delphi Training Series: Promoting and Profiting with Hybrids

Course ID LS-18
1:26 Hours
LIVE Discussion Forum


ASE-L3 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist with Dave Hobbs

Course ID ASE-L3
290 Minutes of Video
Unlimited Course Access
PDF Manual
Knowledge Assessment




LBT-281 Making Money Servicing Hybrid Vehicles with Dave Hobbs

Course ID LBT-281
3:46 Hours of Video
Unlimited Course Access
Practice Test
Certificate of Completion
PDF Manual



LBT-228 Mastering Hybrid HVAC Systems with Dave Hobbs

In this program, Instructor Dave Hobbs teaches you hands-on fundamentals to servicing Hybrid A/C systems. Advance your diagnostic strategies by understanding these complex systems through live on car demonstrations.