LBT-451 Hybrid EV Maintenance Opportunities for Service and Parts Professionals


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Are you missing Hybrid/EV service sales?  Expand your Hybrid/EV service offerings and grow your business to reflect the increasing numbers of Hybrid/EV vehicles on the road today.  Hybrid/EV Maintenance Opportunities is your chance to broaden the skill set of your sales and service team! Learn about multiple configurations of HEV/EV systems and periodic maintenance opportunities. Improve your understanding of independent & integrated cooling, electrical and lubrication systems. Watch this course which will dispel the “No maintenance” myth of HEVs.  The importance of correct safety equipment, proper tools, equipment and OE specified fluids is covered in depth as well.


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As the number of Hybrid/EV vehicles continues to grow, so do service opportunities. Many shops have a long history of servicing traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and are faced with the challenges of learning new systems and components found on Hybrid/EVs.  There are several critical care items that directly impact the performance, efficiency, and longevity of these vehicles.  Educating your frontline will arm them with the necessary knowledge to positively influence your customers as another step toward shop loyalty and profitability.  This course covers Hybrid/EV areas of routine maintenance, known areas of consultation & recommendations to avoid missed opportunities during service & parts supply targeted at Owners, Service & Parts Professionals as well as customer point of contact personnel.

Topics Covered:

  • Expanding Service Offerings to Include Hybrid/EVs
  • Broadening Your Shop’s Skill Set to Meet the Demand of Servicing Hybrid/EVs
  • Multiple Configurations of HEV/EV Systems
  • Periodic Maintenance Opportunities for Hybrid/EVs


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Importance HV Safety & PPE
  • Describe Basic Operation of 12 Volt and High Voltage Electric Systems Used on HEV/BEVs
  • Describe Tire Service for HEV/BEVs
  • Describe HEV/BEV Cooling System Service
  • Explain HVAC Service for HEV/BEVs
  • Recognize Opportunities to Sell Service Options to Maintain or Improve HEV/BEV Performance
  • Identify ICE Service Opportunities for Hybrid Vehicles

Runtime = 1 hour 41 minutes
Credit Hours = 2.5

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