LBT-448 Hybrid/EV Scan Tool Diagnostics


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This course teaches the multiple configurations of HEV/EV systems to build a diagnostic strategy using your scan tool. You will have a better understanding of system controls and monitoring.  You will be able to diagnose known problem areas including high voltage systems and bi-directional control service mode.

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Join AVI instructor Andy Tirado while he takes you through HEV/EV systems and their configurations. What are known areas to monitor to improve your diagnostic approach using a scan tool. Descriptions of known desired values, PID analysis, bi-directional commands, the importance of thermal management, and service mode to lead you down the proper path towards repair.

Topics Covered:

  • Service mode for ICE override
  • Module data navigation
  • Hybrid configuration identification
  • Proper HEV/EV service procedures
  • HEV/EV diagnostics


Upon completion participants will be able to:

  • Identify Hybrid Configurations
  • Describe High Voltage Battery Monitoring
  • Describe Inverter/Convertor Monitoring
  • Understand High Voltage Electric A/C
  • Understand Bi-directional Commands and Service Modes

Runtime = 52 minutes
Credit Hours = 1.5

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