ASE Test Prep Training Bundle – Educator

$895.00 for 1 year


This bundle consists of over 50 hours of  online ASE Test Prep Training.

Unlimited seats for your students. *One location per purchase

  • Instructors can assign courses and track & monitor student progress.  Use for extra credit/extra help
  • Students can watch courses, take and re-take tests as often as they like, print certificates of completion and create a resume-like portfolio to take with them when they graduate.
  • Approved for NATEF/ASE Education Foundation CE Credits

AVI is an ASE Accredited training provider.

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ASE-A1 Test Prep Program with Dave Hobbs

The ASE A1 Certification program covers what you need to know about General Engine Diagnostics and repair. Dave Hobbs demonstrates the tools that will be needed in the shop and also tips and tricks on how to diagnosis and repair an engine. This class has massive amounts of hands-on training and explores how to disassemble […]

ASE-A2 Test Prep General Transmission Diagnosis with Wayne Colonna

The purpose of the A2 ASE pre-test training is to focus on the part of the A2 that has the highest failure rate: Diagnostics. Instructor Wayne Colonna will cover fundamentals of the torque converter and planetary gear train operation, as well as understanding component application charts, and ending with knowing the difference between a solenoid […]

ASE-A3 Test Prep Program with Bill Haas

The ASE A3 Certification Test covers what you need to know about Manual Drivetrains and Axles. This class has unique cut-outs of transmission parts for hands-on training and explores the basic fundamentals of the transmission. Bill Haas covers: Clutches, drive shafts, differentials, transfer cases, front and rear axles Clutch function, service, diagnosis, adjustment, removal and […]

ASE-A4 Suspension & Steering Test Prep with Dave Hobbs

AVI and veteran instructor Dave Hobbs bring you the ultimate training for the ASE A4 test. Dave not only helps you master the Suspension and Steering test, but also gives you valuable insight on challenging problems coming into your bay on these systems. Go beyond the classroom with hands-on inspection, diagnostic tips, and scan tool […]

ASE-A5 Test Prep Automotive/Light Truck Brakes with Mark DeKoster

The new course can be found here: Note: This ASE Test prep course will be updated to a new version as of 12/5/2022.  In order to receive a completion certificate, you will need to either complete the current course version no later than 11:59PM 12/4/2022 or opt to restart the new version of the course.  If […]

ASE-A6 Test Prep Electrical and Electronic Systems with Dave Hobbs

Updated to address the most recent ASE task list! Just because you have worked with electrical systems before does not mean you are ready to take the ASE A6 test. Entering the ASE test center without being prepared is like a soldier entering enemy territory unarmed. AVI’s A6 Test Prep program lets you assess your […]

ASE-A7 Test Prep Heating and Air Conditioning with Dave Hobbs

The new course can be found here:  Note: This ASE Test prep course will be updated to a new version as of 12/5/2022.  In order to receive a completion certificate, you will need to either complete the current course version no later than 11:59PM 12/4/2022 or opt to restart the new version of the course.  […]

ASE-A8 Engine Performance Test Prep with Dave Hobbs

If you do drivability work at your shop this ASE Test Prep video and accompanying AVI Test Prep Study Guide is for you. While many test prep programs simply go through a sample list of questions you “might” find on an ASE test, AVI instructor Dave Hobbs takes the “show me” approach as he passes […]

ASE-A9 Test Prep Light Vehicle Diesel with Ron Bilyeu

Ron Bilyeu is the instructor in the new ASE A9 Test Prep program. A9 is one of the most difficult tests. Take the fast track to passing the ASE A9 exam! You are guaranteed to find information in this program that you will not find elsewhere. The complete training program covers Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax, VW […]

ASE-C1 Test Prep Automobile Service Consultant

Like any ASE certification exam, the C1 Service Consultant test requires a great deal of knowledge and preparation. Not only are you required to have two years of previous on the job experience, you also need to demonstrate communication skills, product knowledge, sales skills and an understanding of shop operations in order to pass the […]

ASE-G1 Test Prep Auto Maintenance and Light Repair

Make the most of your study time with AVI’s ASE Test Prep Courses written by ASE Certified Master Technicians!

ASE-L1T4 Advanced Engine Performance Specialist with Type 4 Composite Vehicle

This updated L-1 course covers the new composite type 4 vehicle which makes up 50% of the entire test. It also covers the task list that is provided by ASE. Our instructors have compiled content along with test questions that will prepare you to take the L1 certification test and pass it the first time. […]

ASE-L3 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist with Dave Hobbs

The ASE L3 Test preparation certification program is designed to help you pass the advanced certification test to become a Hybrid specialist. Being an advanced course subjected to the “L” series label, the L3 is not an easy exam. In this course, veteran auto-electric instructor Dave Hobbs presents, in detail, how Hybrid systems function, safety […]


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