Getting Started with Learning Paths

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few recommended learning paths to help you get started.

Basic Automotive Technology:

Do you like taking things apart and putting them back together? Do you like working on cars, admire the sound of the engines and the beauty of their bodies? Are you intrigue with computers and electronics?You may also like diesels or hybrids. You are destined to be a great technician. Get started on the right track with basic automotive technology.

Electrical & Electronics:

Are you on your way to become a top technician? All top-technicians must master the specialize skills of electrical and electronics. The modern automobile is teeming with electrical and electronics. You need to be fully prepared to be able to work on the modern vehicles. Use the electrical and electronics learning path to master these two very important areas.

General Automotive Technology:

You have gotten basic automotive training and you also have some experience. Now it’s time to increase your knowledge with general automotive technology.

Master Tech-Diagnostics:

You have arrived at the top, you are good and now you are a master tech. Maintain your status with master tech diagnostics.

ASE Test Preparation:

Prove that you are a professional. Maximize your earning potential. Become ASE certified.

Parts Professional – Service Consultant:

You like working with people, you like working on the computer and perhaps project management is what you like. Check out our Parts & Service Consultant Learning Path.

Diesel Technology:

If you like diesels and trucks, check out our diesel learning path.

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