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This course consists of the following courses:

  • Delphi training series: Diagnosing GDI – Gasoline direct injection
  • Delphi training series: Promoting and profiting with Hybrids
  • Delphi training series: Reducing OBD2 comebacks with Mode 06
  • LBT-41 Current Ramping
  • LBT-43 4 & 5 Gas emissions testing
  • LBT-73 F.R.E.D. Takes the bus
  • LBT-97 Enhanced Ford Scanner
  • LBT-114 GM Vehicle antitheft systems
  • LBT-119 Effective scan tool tips for the big 3
  • LBT-133 F.R.E.D. Buses the body
  • LBT-134 Vacuum waveform integrity testing
  • LBT-141 GM Electronic Throttle Control
  • LBT-145 10 Minute Scope Check
  • LBT-158 Getting the most from your Solarity Scope
  • LBT-164 CAN Data Diagnostics
  • LBT-172 Ford & Chrysler EVAP
  • LBT-173 GM & Toyota EVAP
  • LBT-192 Advantages of Mode 6
  • LBT-210 In cylinder pressure transducer diagnostics
  • LBT-212 Anatomy of a waveform
  • LBT-215 Pico Scope guided tour
  • LBT-217 MTS 5200
  • LBT-219 J3534 Reprogramming
  • LBT-222 Advanced Chrysler Diagnostics
  • LBT-228 Mastering Hybrid HVAC Systems
  • LBT-229 Intermittent diagnostics
  • LBT-233 Victory over voltage drops
  • LBT-237 F.R.E.D. Kicks the CAN
  • LBT-239 Gasoline Direct Injection
  • LBT-243 Quick check diagnostics
  • LBT-249 Getting to know your VCI
  • LBT-257 Future power: Advanced technologies in batteries, starting and charging systems
  • LBT-259 Catalyst efficiency
  • LBT- 262 IDS VCM 2
  • LBT-269 Wiring schematics interpretation
  • LBT-270 Parasitic current draw
  • Deceptive diagnostics
  • LBT-281 Making money servicing Hybrid vehicles
  • LBT-282 Chrysler On-Board diagnostics
  • LBT-283 The Diagnostic Approach
  • LBT-293 Mastering the module flash
  • LBT-294 Diagnosing OEM Vehicle Theft deterrent systems
  • LBT-298 Insider secrets: Focus on Fords
  • LBT-301 Mysteries of gasoline direct injection
  • LBT-307 The essentials of Gasoline direct injection (GDI)
  • LBT-312 Advanced scan tool testing strategies
  • LBT-313 Lab-scope diagnostics version 3.0
  • LCT-319 What you need to know about lean P-Code conditions.
  • LBT-320 Turbochargers: Turning wasted energy into power
  • LBT-321 Bosch Quick Strike EVAP system diagnostics
  • LBT-322 Beyond pattern failures
  • LBT-323 Electrical troubleshooting and schematic based diagnostics
  • LBT-325 GM Gasoline direct injection systems with variable valve timing equipped engines
  • LBT-327 48 Volts and beyond: HEV advanced diagnostic tips
  • LBT-330 When the internet doesn’t fix it
  • LBT-332 Modern chassis technology
  • LBT-333 Controller area network (C.A.N.) overview
  • LBT-334 Diagnostic Mindset
  • LBT-335 Advanced driver assistance systems: Repair opportunities for the service provider
  • LBT-342 Reprogramming and flashing
  • LBT-347 Top EPA Trouble Codes
  • LS-1 Toyota key off EVAP Testing
  • LS-11 Testing and diagnosing Turbo Charging Systems
  • LS-12 Servicing telematic systems
  • LS-13 Start/stop technology
  • LS-25 Chrysler late model EVAP diagnostics
  • LS-29 Focus on Ford
  • LS-30 Who killed the CAT?
  • LS-32 EVAP Diagnostics: Diagnosis Module – Tank Leakage (DM-TL) System
  • LS-34 ABS – enhanced stability systems, operation, analysis and repair
  • LS-35 MACS 2016 Mobile A/C update
  • LS-39 O2 Sensors: Wide vs Narrow Band
  • LS-43 Current probe diagnostics
  • LS-44 “Who Killed Dr. Stoichiometric” Simulcast
  • LS-47 Strange but true
  • LS-48 Diagnostic strategies: Air induction
  • LS-50 Diagnostic strategies: Fuel delivery
  • LS-51 Bosch Denoxtronic (DeNOx) System Overview
  • LS-52 MACS 2017 Mobile A/C update
  • LS-54 Diagnostic strategies: Ignition and misfires
  • LS-56 Bosch Chrysler late model EVAP diagnostics update
  • LS-57 What you need to know about rich P-Code conditions


Delphi Training Series: Diagnosing GDI – Gas Direct Injection

Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs brings you up close and personal to the workings of both the low pressure and high pressure sides of GDI systems along with live scan tool and lab scope diagnostic tips.

Delphi Training Series: Promoting and Profiting with Hybrids

Veteran Delphi instructor and hybrid specialist Dave Hobbs will share proven techniques to get hybrid owners in your shop for the first time AND keep them coming back year after year for safe, accurate and profitable service.

Delphi Training Series: Reducing OBDII Comebacks with Mode$06

n this seminar, veteran Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs helps you sort out the engineering complexities from the simpler side of Mode $06 so you can put this powerful function of your scan tool to real world practical use. 

LBT-41 Current Ramping with Jim Linder

AVI can help every tech in your shop analyze and diagnose most vehicles in 15 minutes or less? Want to know how? This program with the “Injector Guru” Jim Linder […]

LBT-43 4 and 5 Gas Emissions Testing with Bill Fulton

AVI can help you make more money by cutting your diagnostic time and selling more fuel injection service. In this program Bill Fulton shows you how to do this by […]

LBT-73 F.R.E.D. Takes the Bus with Dave Hobbs

Data-bussing and multiplexing can be complex and aggravating, but F.R.E.D. (Frustrating, Ridiculous, Electronic, Devices) can help solve the mystery behind it. In this course, Dave Hobbs brings his 30+ years […]

LBT-97 Enhanced Ford Scanner Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Bill Fulton and AVI are here to help with tough Ford OBD-II problems you may have. This program covers diagnostics on the full range of Ford systems.

LBT-114 GM Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems with Bill Fulton

This course will give you great tips on intermittent problems that drive you crazy and need-to-know information on the pass-key module re-learn procedures without using a scanner.

LBT-119 Effective Scan Tool Tips for the Big 3 with Bill Fulton

Diagnostic expert Bill Fulton provides tips and solutions to help you solve drivability issues in domestic vehicles with your scan tool.

LBT-133 F.R.E.D. Busses The Body with Dave Hobbs

The body control module (BCM) and CAN technology on GM vehicles is very complex and is central to the control system. Like it or not these systems are here to […]

LBT-134 Vacuum Waveform Integrity Testing with Bill Fulton

This program with Bill Fulton explains what peak vacuum is and how to use peak vacuum and vacuum transducers for diagnostics. He explains how to compare cylinder bank to cylinder bank using vacuum waveforms and how to do cylinder leak down tests correctly.

LBT-141 GM Electronic Throttle Control with Dave Hobbs

Spend an hour and a half with AVI instructor Dave Hobbs and get to know GM electronic throttle control (ETC) systems a little better. This course will give you an […]

LBT-145 10 Minute Scope Check with Bill Fulton

This program shows you what to look for and how to make decisions on weak cylinders. Bill shows you tests with your DSO to pinpoint misfire causes that you can’t do with a scanner. This course also helps end the confusion by giving you scope settings for testing/voltage, time, slopes and trigger source.

LBT-158 Getting the Most out of Your Solarity Scope with Jim Wilson

You paid good money for your Genisys labscope, wouldn’t you like to get the most out of your investment? Jim Wilson knows his diagnostic equipment and in this program he […]

LBT-164 CAN Data Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Bill covers the new powertrain PIDS and the 40 uniform parameters of information that have made data easier to interpret on domestic and foreign vehicles. He tells you which mode will allow you to test high mileage vehicles and find lazy O2 sensors, which will also help your customers improve gas mileage.

LBT-172 Ford & Chrysler EVAP with Bill Fulton

Get your hands dirty with AVI Instructor Bill Fulton as he guides you through the Ford Enhanced and Non-Enhanced EVAP systems, as well as the Chrysler LDP and NVLD EVAP systems.

LBT-173 GM & Toyota EVAP with Dave Hobbs

There’s not a diagnostic problem that can get “Thrown under the bus,” with instructor Dave Hobbs at the wheel. Dave will be showing you what to look for when it […]

LBT-192 Advantages of Mode $06 with Jim Wilson

You will learn the preliminaries for MODE $06 tests, how to run the tests and if the test is passed or failed. Wilson covers monitor test results, how to confirm the monitor has run so you know the data is correct and the monitor readiness screen.

LBT-210 In Cylinder Pressure Transducer Diagnostics with John Thornton

John Thornton’s new training program from AVI is an in-depth class on ‘In Cylinder Pressure Transducer Diagnostics.’ As you know, for many years in our industry we have used a compression gauge to assist us in diagnosing mechanical problems.

LBT-212 Anatomy of a Waveform with Bill Fulton

In Anatomy of the Waveform, Bill covers the diagnostic value of a secondary ignition waveform on DI, DIS, COP systems and a compression waveform viewed dynamically with the engine running using a DSO and pressure transducer.

LBT-215 PicoScope Guided Tour with John Thornton

In this training program, John Thornton gives a guided tour to use the PicoScope to your fullest potential. Learn about all the features of the PicoScope such as horizontal scale […]

LBT-217 MTS 5200 with Bob Pattengale

Learn to perform tasks like ignition system testing, using the graphing multimeter, and the program also includes some great ‘real world’ case studies.

LBT-219 J2534 Reprogramming with Bob Pattengale

Learn J2534 fundamentals and skills using several different reprogramming tools that can help you make money with Bob Pattengale. Bob wants you to prepare for the inevitable. More than 30% of the cars you are working on for drivability concerns can be likely be fixed with a reflash, meaning no parts are required.

LBT-222 Advanced Chrysler Diagnostics

Bill Fulton takes you into the shop for live vehicle training. He will cover APPS and TPS sensors, Networking & Bussing, CCD wires and bus circuits, KOER and KOEO testing, Cam and […]

LBT-228 Mastering Hybrid HVAC Systems with Dave Hobbs

In this program, Instructor Dave Hobbs teaches you hands-on fundamentals to servicing Hybrid A/C systems. Advance your diagnostic strategies by understanding these complex systems through live on car demonstrations. Dave […]

LBT-229 Intermittent Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Instructor Bill Fulton will go through more than 15 different intermittent problems that he has seen in his years of testing and diagnosing today’s cars. Each test case shows varieties of intermittent failures.

LBT-233 Victory Over Voltage Drops with Dave Hobbs

Victory Over Voltage Drops is your training solution to diagnosing one of the most common intermittent electrical problems within any vehicle's electrical system. Whether it's Powertrain, Chassis or Body systems related – or whether the problem resides in a power, ground or signal circuit - excessive voltage drops can be frustrating to track down.

LBT-237 FRED Kicks the CAN with Dave Hobbs

This video will show you how you can use your volt meter, ohm meter, lab scope and scan tool to diagnose network problems on the vehicles in your shop. Both the latest CAN buses as well as earlier networks on Ford, GM, Toyota, & Chrysler are not only explained, but veteran AVI instructor Dave Hobbs shows you exactly how to get to a diagnostic decision quick with the latest real world training.

LBT-239 Gasoline Direct Injection with Bill Fulton

Bill covers the 5 operating modes of GDI, bi-directional controls, and critical labscope signals, as well as problems that can occur over time that you will need to service.

LBT-243 Quick Check Diagnostics With Jim Wilson

This covers a step by step approach to engine diagnostics: analytical troubleshooting---where to start, preliminary tests you can do to be the most accurate with your diagnostic time ---- deciding which tool is best to use for which type of job.

LBT-249 Getting To Know Your VCI with Bob Pattengale

Getting to know your VCI Scan Tool with Bob Pattengale provides you interesting tips and tricks to help more efficiently use the hardware and software. The Bosch Mastertech VCI offers […]

LBT-257 Future Power: Advanced Technologies in Batteries, Starting & Charging Systems with Dave Hobbs

Instructor Dave Hobbs covers all the latest information & technology including anti-theft systems. Modern vehicles rely on communication between computers and modules that operate everything. A properly maintained battery is essential to power these systems. In fact, some batteries are so sensitive to being overcharged one can do damage with their shops battery charger.

Private: LBT-259 Catalyst Efficiency Diagnostics

This course on Catalyst Efficiency will help you understand the differences in catalytic converters and the related problems in those systems. It will give you a thorough understanding of all the emission codes related to catalytic efficiency and what causes them. 

LBT-262 IDS VCM 2 with Mark DeKoster

New to IDS, or using the VCM or VCM II for the first time? This program provides step by step instructions on how to setup your VCM or VCM II […]

LBT-269 Wiring Schematics Interpretation

Get familiarized with all the different symbols used in schematics, not only on American cars but German vehicles as well. Learn how to accurately read a schematic and locate certain systems throughout any vehicle quickly and with confidence. Look over Peter Orlando’s shoulder as he goes over “Common Point” diagnostics, critical thinking and his famous “Three Power Point Process.”

LBT-270 Parasitic Current Draw with Dave Hobbs

In this video, AVI teams up with Delphi instructor and electrical mastermind, Dave Hobbs to bring you the most comprehensive class on parasitic battery drains on the market. Dave will guide you through the entire diagnosis process, step by step and in order to make sure you have confirmed the customer complaint all the way to verifying the repair.

LBT-271 Deceptive Diagnostics with Dave Hobbs

There are not many things more frustrating than running a scan tool through a vehicles PCM and coming up with DTC’s that, at first glance, have absolutely nothing to do […]

LBT-281 Making Money Servicing Hybrid Vehicles with Dave Hobbs

In this course, presented by Auto-Electric guru Dave Hobbs, basic Hybrid knowledge and service are addressed to give you the basic knowledge to start performing maintenance. We cover the different Hybrid vehicle types, how to quickly identify a hybrid and safety measures to make sure you don’t get harmed when fiddling around high voltage cables and battery packs.

LBT-282 Chrysler On-Board Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Bill uses a scan tool to show the different kind of information that can be pulled from each communications system from the global and enhanced sides of the OBD port.

LBT-283 The Diagnostic Approach with Ron Bilyeu

This course is taught by instructor and master data analyst Ron Bilyeu who will take you through a comprehensive approach to diagnosing drivability using computer data. Identify if the issue is breathing, fuel or ignition and how to diagnose using scan data for those systems. The information in this course can be applied to domestic and import applications.

LBT-293 Mastering the Module Flash by Dave Hobbs

Join instructor Dave Hobbs in this training program on mastering the module flash! Dave will cover the J2534 standard for module flashing, how to determine if your customer needs a flash, the tips and tricks for actually flashing a vehicle, and finally how to follow-up a successful flash.

LBT-294 Diagnosing OEM Vehicle Theft Deterrent Systems with Dave Hobbs

You’ll learn about how each of the various systems operate and are incorporated into the normal running scenario of today’s cars, as well as the diagnostics processes you’ll need to know.

LBT-298 Insider Secrets: Focus on Fords

In this “Insider Secrets: Focus on Ford" class, Ron will discuss Ford Eco-boost technology, turbo charging, and Variable CAM Timing (Twin-Independent VCT).

LBT-301 Mysteries Of Gasoline Direct Injection

This class covers A to Z on Gasoline Direct Injection. The Instructor dissects the mechanical and electrical components in this high-pressure fuel delivery system, explains the benefits and drawbacks and examines the differences in manufacturers.

LBT-307 The Essentials of Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)

In 1937, Bosch equipped an aircraft engine with a mechanical direct injection system and by 1952 Bosch was adding direct injection to passenger car engines. As a result of increased […]

LBT-312 Advanced Scan Tool Testing Strategies

This course includes live on-car demonstrations, plus lots of case studies from a variety of makes and models.

LBT-313 Labscope Diagnostics Version 3.0

AVI instructor Bill Fulton updates his labscope diagnostic strategies with new case studies focusing on compression waveforms. Even those technicians who have been using their labscopes for years will acquire new tips and techniques for quicker and more accurate engine diagnostics.

LBT-319 What You Need To Know About Lean P-Code Conditions

This class, taught by Ron Bilyeu, covers some of the most popular Diagnostic Trouble Codes that technicians face every day, P0174 and P0171 Lean Conditions. We cover any and all with case studies from a variety of makes and models.  There will never be a code P0171/P0174 that will blindside you again!

LBT-320 Turbochargers: Turning Wasted Energy Into Power

In this program "Turbochargers: Turning Wasted Energy Into Power", instructor Ron Bilyeu takes you from A to Z regarding turbochargers and their role in todays' motor vehicles.

LBT-321 Bosch Quick Strike EVAP System Diagnostics

This HD streaming event, sponsored by Bosch will provide a quick strike process to quickly identify and test a variety of fuel vapor systems for leaks.

LBT-322 Beyond Pattern Failures: Symptoms to System

Bill Fulton presents a diagnostic approach that starts with the symptom then moves to the system that may be causing the problem. Along the way, he shows how not to jump to conclusions based on “pattern failures”, and what to do when you have no P-codes.

LBT-323 Electrical Troubleshooting and Schematic Based Diagnostics

This HD Broadcast event from Bill Fulton will cover electrical troubleshooting and schematic based diagnostics.

LBT-325 GM Gasoline Direct Injection Systems with Variable Valve Timing Equipped Engines

In this course Bill Fulton will be covering high side and low side fuel systems, the injector drive circuit, current ramping the fuel pump and individual cylinder fuel control.

LBT-327 48 Volts and Beyond: HEV Advanced Diagnostic Tips

The P0A0D Prius trouble code is discussed along with High Voltage Interlocks that can cause those codes.

LBT-330 When The Internet Doesn’t Fix It

ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST – As a technician, you may be occasionally searching the internet for tips or answers to certain problems, or worse yet, your customers walk in thinking they already […]

LBT-332 Modern Chassis Technology

The foundations of chassis dynamics are reviewed. Details of how the chassis angles, such as toe, caster and camber, are influenced with different settings. Concluding with a short summary of Kamm’s circle.

LBT-333 Controller Area Network (C.A.N.) Overview

After attending this course, the student will have a thorough understanding of the two common types of networking systems used on vehicles today and understanding how to diagnose those issues.

LBT-334 Diagnostic Mindset

What if we took a different approach?  An approach that consists of viewing a handful of PID’s on our scan tool to determine in which system listed above the problem originates.  That is exactly what this program does. 

LBT-335 Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems: Repair Opportunities for the Service Provider

In this session we will discuss the various components such as cameras, radars, blind spot detection modules, and park assist sensors and review service opportunities and procedures for the aftermarket. 

LBT-342 Reprogramming and Flashing

This course will cover j2534 programming and OEM programming. Also, the different types of pitfalls you may encounter when going through the reprogramming process.

LBT-347 Top EPA Trouble Codes

Every quarter of every year, the EPA releases a list of the top trouble codes regarding emission related issues. Instructor John Forro discusses the most recent list of codes, and the possible fixes for them. A great class for all technicians and critical for technicians with state mandated emissions tests.

LS-1 Toyota Key Off EVAP Testing with Bob Pattengale

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM –  Bob Pattengale from Robert Bosch, LLC will be covering Toyota EVAP Diagnostics: geared towards automotive service technicians, hosted right here at AVI OnDemand! Bob Pattengale will cover […]

LS-11 Testing and Diagnosing Turbo Charging Systems with Ron Bilyeu

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – Forced induction has become the strategy of choice for manufacturers looking to squeeze more power out of their diesel vehicles while still meeting the stringent guidelines the government […]

LS-12 Servicing Telematic Systems with Dave Hobbs

Instructor Dave Hobbs will educate you about the functions of telematics systems, the differences between each system and the new volume of business this state-of-the-art technology will bring to your independent shop.

LS-13 Start/Stop Technology Overview with Bob Pattengale

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – May 13, 2015- The challenge of achieving 54 MPG by 2025 requires creative solutions and Start/Stop systems provide a cost effective, simple, and energy saving solution. Passenger cars equipped […]

LS-25 Chrysler Late Model EVAP Diagnostics

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – This course was originally recorded during the 2015 AVI Conference as a live training event. Evaporative emissions systems are changing rapidly and can be difficult to diagnose without […]

LS-29 Focus on Ford

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – In this “Focus on Ford” class, Ron will discuss Ford Eco-boost technology, turbo charging, and Variable CAM Timing (Twin-Independent VCT). Ron will share his analytical approach and what PIDS […]

LS-30 Who Killed The CAT?

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – In this class, “Who Killed The Cat” Ron will give you a thorough understanding of all the emission codes related to catalytic efficiency and what causes them. Most Shops need […]

LS-32 EVAP Diagnostics: Diagnosis Module – Tank Leakage (DM-TL) System

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – The Bosch DM-TL leakage pump is primarily thought of as a European only device, but manufacturers like Hyundai, Kia and Mazda also used this component. The DM-TL was […]

LS-34 ABS – Enhanced Stability Systems, Operation, Analysis, and Repair

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – This class will cover ABS operational systems including traction control and enhanced stability systems. Mark DeKoster will teach you common failures, inspection techniques and what to look for, and […]

LS-35 MACS 2016 Mobile A/C Update

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – There’s a lot to know in the ever-changing world of Mobile A/C, and MACS and AVI have got you covered! What’s up with this new refrigerant we’ve […]

LS-39 O2 Sensors: Wide vs Narrow Band

Learn how to use the scan tool and the scope to monitor operation and test 02 sensors to assist in analyzing drivability concerns.

LS-43 Current Probe Diagnostics

Interpreting lab scope patterns using your low amp clamp will allow you to quickly pin point your diagnostics when it comes to engine driveability issues. Engine outputs all have something in common; a coil of wire.

Private: LS-44 “Who Killed Dr. Stoichiometric” Simulcast

“Who Killed Dr. Stoichiometric: The Trial” Broadcast LIVE from the AVI Conference in Las Vegas ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM- Technicians are invited to take part in this interactive training event with AVI […]

LS-47 Strange But True

Ron Bilyeu will show you how to keep your focus as you battle strange but true diagnostic related issues and how to retain valuable information.

LS-48 Diagnostic Strategies: Air Induction

In part 1 of our Diagnostic Strategies Series, this course will cover air induction. Learn the proper diagnostic procedures to determine induction problems.

LS-50 Diagnostic Strategies: Fuel Delivery

In Part 2 of our Diagnostic Strategies Series, this HD Broadcast will cover fuel delivery. As with Part 1 on air induction, this course covers the diagnostic step-by-step routines technicians use.

LS-51 Bosch Denoxtronic (DeNOx) System Overview

This HD streaming event, sponsored by Bosch will provide the information needed to understand and diagnose passenger car and heavy duty diesel Denoxtronic systems.

LS-52 MACS 2017 Mobile A/C Update

The 2017 Mobile A/C Update brings you the latest tips, tricks and industry trends from MACS, the worldwide mobile air conditioning authority.

LS-54 Diagnostic Strategies: Ignition & Misfires

In Part 3 of our Diagnostic Strategies Series, this HD Broadcast will cover Ignition & Misfires. As with Part 1 on Air Induction and Part 2 on Fuel Delivery, this course is designed to help the technician with diagnostic information they can use on a daily basis.

LS-56 Bosch Chrysler Late Model EVAP Diagnostics Update

Evaporative emissions systems are changing rapidly and can be difficult to diagnose without a good understanding of the changes. Since 2003, Chrysler has introduced two different systems; the Natural Vacuum Leak Detection (NVLD) and the Evaporative System Integrity Monitor (ESIM).

LS-57 What You Need To Know About Rich P-Code Conditions

This program contains ten different case studies that encompass the components that can cause rich running conditions, from over reporting Mass Air Flow Sensors to Oxygen Sensors, Leaking Injectors and more.

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