How to Program Ford Keys

November 8, 2019

How to Program Ford Keys


How to Program Ford Keys

To start reprogramming Ford Keys the technician needs to Initiate Prox Learning procedures through FDRS. Once you launch FDRS, the program needs to identify the programmer device. In this case study , AVI is using an EZ-Flasher 3. The EZ-Flasher - A device that programs ECU's & Immobilizer ICU's for Honda, Lexus & Toyota vehicles. By buying future updates the EZ Flasher will read Isuzu, Volkswagen, and Chrysler PIN codes, reverse decode Honda keys, and much more. Now the Flasher has been selected, paste in the VIN code seen at the upper left corner and click Read VIN from vehicle. Wait a few seconds. The device is loading the topology list of all the modules.


How to program Ford keys


The topology list on the system is for proximity programming. Under HS1 click BCM (body control module). All data for BCM is displayed on the right hand side. On the other side, there is a list functions for BCM. The list contains a catalog of programmable functions. Click on Pat's anti-theft system programming. The program then downloads that software and run it. This program always attempt to download the necessary software the first time. Then it will open a new tab at the top and attempt to start loading those features.

If you are interested in learning more about the information in this clip, please click the link below for the full course. This content was produced by AVI and walks you through an in-depth look of how to program Ford keys. Whether you are a technician or DIY'er you will learn valuable information from this course no matter what level you are.

To learn more on reprogramming ford keys click the link below.

LBT-375 Key Programming Using the Ford FDRS

Using J2534 Hardware and Ford FJDS and FDRS software to generate Keys or Proximity Keys when All Keys are Lost.

This course provides the participant with an overview, as well as step by step instructions on utilizing OEM resources, specifically Ford Motorcraft Service FJDS and FDRS software to learn keys or Intelligent Keys when all keys or Intelligent Keys are lost for late model Ford Lincoln Mercury vehicles.



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