ZOOM: New Tech- Scan Tool Diagnostics

Making quicker and more accurate repairs means more money in your pocket, and your scan tool plays a major role in those repairs. AVI Director of Training Tom Rayk shows […]

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems- Olathe, KS

Class Time: 8 A.M. to 5 P.M  Price: $695 This live classroom training course will explain all thermal-related vehicle systems' fundamentals, laying out practical tips for the working tech who wants to become more experienced with heating and air conditioning systems. HVAC is becoming more complex in today's vehicles, and this course will present both […]

ZOOM: Hybrid & EV Tools

July Featured Course Sponsored by the Group Training Academy July 19th, 2023 at 12:00pm EST In this course, we delve deep into the functionalities, applications, and practical usage of various […]

Hybrid and EV Training Featuring the Ford Lightning

3-DAY HANDS-ON WORKSHOP AUGUST 8-10, 2023 SOLD OUT This revolutionary 3-day training course featuring the Ford Lightning will cover detailed diagnostics and testing procedures for electric vehicles on the road today. Servicing these vehicles requires qualified professionals with the proper knowledge, training, and experience that can meet industry standards and expectations. Participants will have hands-on […]

Lunch and Learn with Dave Hobbs

Date: August 9, 2023 Time: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EST Location: Zoom Dave Hobbs discusses his two newest courses, Undercover Hybrid No-Starts and Bad Connections: PHEV and BEV J1772 EVSE Diagnostics. […]

ZOOM: Scope Speed Testing

Automakers continuously evolve vehicle communications, electronics, and system integration at increasing speeds. Your scan tool may or may not provide codes relevant to the actual root of your problem and […]

ZOOM: Engine Management The Chrysler Way

As you know, Chrysler engine management is different than other manufacturers. But there are some misconceptions you may have that could be slowing your diagnostics. What you may have heard […]

Heavy Duty Air Brake Training

HEAVY DUTY TRUCK AIR BRAKE TRAINING 3-Day Hands-On Workshop This 3-day training course will engage your techs with a working knowledge of how Air Brake components function. Techs will assemble […]

Advanced EV Training with Delphi Instructor Dave Hobbs

ADVANCED EV TRAINING WITH DELPHI INSTRUCTOR DAVE HOBBS 2-DAY HANDS-ON WORKSHOP In this special 2-day hands-on training event we’ll bring you valuable and practical information on electrified vehicle system. Topics […]

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