609 certification
609 certification

609 Certification: Public Service Announcement

In this short video filled important information for technicians who work on vehicle air conditioning systems, you will learn the key points in becoming certified or getting re-certified to handle R1234yf Refrigerant.

Also, you will be provided with information on where you can take the test, how you can take the test, the cost of test and more. This video contains additional resources as well in order to find out more information on Section 609. 


609 Parody Video

Based on the Beach Boys hit "409", AVI's "609" is a fun way to remind A/C technicians they need to be Section 609 certified.

Reminiscent of the hysteria when the Beach Boys would take the stage, you'll be transported back to the 60's, when we'd all agree A/C servicing was a little less complicated.

So take a break, sit back and watch "609", presented by AVI. Surf's Up!

The Section 609 Certification Training Program is produced by AVI with support from MACS, the Mobile Air Conditioning Society, and contains the information you will need to pass the Section 609 certification test. By watching the video program, along with using the provided online training resources, technicians will learn about the following topics:

  • Why you need to be Section 609 certified
  • History of the Clean Air Act and how it relates to certification
  • MVAC equipment and refrigerant changes over the years and current use
  • Best practices of MVAC service and procedures
  • Regulations regarding proper handling and disposal of refrigerants
  • Information regarding R-1234yf versus other refrigerant
  • Updated information on the certification requirements to purchase refrigerant
  • & More
609 certification


609 Certification Podcast

AVI along with Carm Capriotto of Town Hall Academy will be hosted a special event featuring Peter Coll of Neutronics, Travis Williams of Honeywell, and Steve Schaeber of MACS to discuss key points regarding Section 609 Certification. Discussion topics include, who must be certified, who makes up the test, how and where to become Section 609 certified, the penalties for not complying with Section 609 certification and more!

Are You Looking For R-1234yf Training?

This training program consists of three short videos hosted by Paul DeGuiseppi, former manager of service training for the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS). It will cover system servicing of R-1234yf, as well as service equipment requirements, ensuring that automotive technicians have a working knowledge of how to service vehicles that use R-1234yf, which replaces R-134a. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program. The videos in the series are based on the SAE International standard J2845 “R-1234yf Technician Training for Service and Containment of Refrigerants Used in Mobile A/C Systems.”

Topics Covered:

  • Why R-1234yf?
  • Differences Between R-1234yf & R-134a
  • Servicing R-1234yf Systems

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