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Do you have the desire to work as a parts professional or serve consultant? This parts and service consultant bundle is just what you need to enter one of these exciting and ever changing fields.

For the beginner or seasoned professional this course selection will enhance your training experience in the automotive industry.

Study Hours – 27.25


ASE-C1 Test Prep Automobile Service Consultant

Like any ASE certification exam, the C1 Service Consultant test requires a great deal of knowledge and preparation. Not only are you required to have two years of previous on […]

ASE-P2 Test Prep program with Dave Hobbs and Tom Dayton

Make the most of your study time – Pass your ASE Test with Automotive Video’s Complete Test Prep Program with task lists and practice quizzes written by ASE certified Master Technicians!

Counter Training 101

The Counter Training 101 Program with Bill Haas covers multiple aspects of work as a Counter Care Professional.

LBT-175 The Competition for Your Customers Loyalty with Bill Haas

You might be surprised by the reason customers leave you and go to another shop, and in this program, Bill Haas tells you the #1 reason this happens. He gives you a loyalty checklist and explains the most important feedback you should be getting from your customers, and why it’s so vital to the success of your shop.

LBT-236 Marketing to Generation X & Y with Bill Haas

We will examine what makes them tick and what influences their decision-making process. Understanding the obstacles of reaching them beyond their incredible filters will lead your business to connecting with an extremely loyal customer of the future.

LBT-250 Working with Gen X and Y

Bill Haas presents some concepts and information to help you better understand working with generations X and Y co-workers and employees. Communicating a message to attract and engage these groups seems to be the challenge. You cannot ignore these two groups at 80 million strong.

LBT-343 Generation Z: Understanding the Newcomers

This course will offer a brief review of previous generation’s characteristics with an in depth look at generation Z.  Sara Fraser will share her knowledge on attracting these customers and employees.

LBT-346 Dealing With Difficult Customers

It is a tough job to be helpful and provide great customer service when a guest is confrontational, unreasonable or over demanding. Let’s not overlook the impact on your store’s profits.

LS-7 Service Selling Skills – Close One More Job with Bill Haas

In this course, Bill Haas emphases’ on the importance of good customer service skills and shop relationships in order to make the customer feel at-ease about purchasing necessary maintenance.

LS-40 From Order Taker to Sales Maker

Sales is never about price. You can only be compared on price when you fail to present a better value. A sales maker will differentiate their solutions from their competitors and provide a better value.

LS-46 The Power of the Phone

This 1.5 hour HD broadcast taught by Bill Haas, will give you valuable information to improve your phone skills and help you improve the number of calls you convert to appointments.

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