Brakes Assessment

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This knowledge assessment will determine how well you understand Brakes.

The knowledge assessment consists of multiple choice questions. The results of the assessment will determine your need for follow-up training on this topic.

What does your score mean?

  • If you scored 70% or better, you might learn a few new things, but you pretty much know the subject matter.
  • If you scored 30 to 70% then you need more practice on this topic.
  • If you scored below 30%, then the content may be too advanced for your current skill level and you might want to take a fundamental course on the subject matter.

4 reviews for Brakes Assessment

  1. Rick Piper

    very good

  2. John Moore

    very good

  3. Jason Jackson

    There were some pretty bad questions mixed in there. Specifically the electrical questions. Giving a blurry picture of an oscilloscope graph without any context as to what signal you are trying to look at, also the one where they specified voltage drop testing on specific pins but did not provide a wiring diagram to show what that pin connects to.

  4. Said Caballero


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