SMP-14 Modern Valve Actuation Systems


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Valve actuation systems have undergone major changes in the last decade. Variable timing and variable lift are now common place and in some cases exist together on the same engine. Displacement-On-Demand systems have also been used on some engines to deactivate cylinders with special lifters and oil control. These changes have been propelled by the ever increasing demands for better fuel economy and lower emissions. OBD systems have also been required to monitor things like VVT performance and camshaft to crankshaft correlation. At the core of this technology are camshaft actuators, special lifters, and other components that rely heavily on proper oil pressure and volume to operate.

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  • Learn about Variable lift systems
  • Explore common failures of variable valve timing components
  • Diagnose a failed Displacement-On-Demand system
  • Discover how the Fiat Multi-Air system used by Chrysler works

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