LBT-75 Computer Engine Data Modes with Ron Bilyeu


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If you are using a Snap-On® MT2500™, Snap-Link®, Snap-On® MODIS™, lab scope or a graphing multimeter in your shop, this program could help you use your equipment more efficiently and effectively. In this program AVI and Ron Bilyeu answer many of the most commonly asked questions from techs using these tools.

Ron explains how to use maximum pinpoint testing and answers the question of whether octane tables exist and if they relate to spark timing. He covers flexible fuel sensors and provides information you need to know on E85 compliance. Ron provides a lot of information on the PCM including PCM reset, whether it can measure torque and how to use the PCM for torque management.

  • Ignition misfires – can exhaust oxygen content be used for diagnostics?
  • Quad drivers – what affects them and how much is enough
  • Frequency testing & much much more!

Runtime: 90 minutes


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