LBT-73 F.R.E.D. Takes the Bus with Dave Hobbs

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.



Data-bussing and multiplexing can be complex and aggravating, but F.R.E.D. (Frustrating, Ridiculous, Electronic, Devices) can help solve the mystery behind it. In this course, Dave Hobbs brings his 30+ years of experience to show you how the electronic modules communicate with each other and help you tackle this tough issue and save diagnostic time.

Dave uses hands-on demonstrations with the Snap-On MT2500, the Vetronix Tech2, and the Mastertech to explain data bus layouts, voltages, wiring and baud rates. He tells you what to do when your scan tool says “no data” or its display flashes. Dave explains the difference between a “UART data bus” and a “class 2 data bus” and the difference between loop and star configurations.

  • How to “ping” a module to find out if it is active
  • Explains terms like “binary” and “hexadecimal”
  • Case studies on no-start and no-communication issues

Runtime: 75 minutes


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