LBT-478 Firefighter Safety Training for Electric Vehicles


Discover essential safety guidance for first responders in dealing with HEVs, EVs, and alternative vehicles. Our AVI presentation equips you with vital steps to navigate these incidents, potentially saving lives. Don’t wait for emergencies, be prepared now.

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In this AVI course on HEV, EV, and alternative vehicle Safety for First Responders, we will cover what to do and how to handle incidents involving these types of vehicles. If you are a first responder, it is not a matter of if you have an incident with these vehicles but when. Knowing the dangers of dealing with these vehicles in first responder situations could be the difference between life and death.


  • Electrical Theory
  • Electric Vehicle Design
  • Electric Vehicles Components
  • Electric Vehicles Safety Systems
  • Charging Infrastructure

Course Objectives

  • Understand basic electrical theory,
  • AC vs. DC
  • Describe the different EV configurations
  • Summarize standard EV components
  • List responder EV shutdown procedures
  • Explain EV safety systems
  • Communicate on EV charging infrastructure
  • List necessary Fire PPE

Runtime = 48 minutes
Credit Hours = 1

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